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  1. this is actually a good suggestion, Was farming when i experienced an internet interruption and came back with an expired pass.. +1
  2. If no one buys it at a high price it will eventually go down.
  3. true. so there it is we got some solid suggestions for the Star Gladiator Class Mainly FSK delay Soul Link Item Higher HP Hatred Reset Now we wait for GM's input
  4. Any order is fine by me just hope something happens. Also, would it hurt if we give specific dmg boost to skills like roundhouse, counter, etc too make variations on build it seems like other people only wants to make a 1 hit wonder out of fsk, Starglad/Ranker class skill set is very interesting IMO..
  5. ok thru the years there has been suggestions on ways to give this class a share of the spotlight but still i think this class is too underrated. so here are some suggestions some may be mentioned before so don't hate me >.< A way to reset hatred/opposition so we are not limited to 3 opponents npc reseter is fine with me like the feeling resetAn item that can let us use soul link maybe an accessory, a custom card or a weapon that gives Soul Link skill for self castingLower delay on running skill after doing fskAnd lastly, better HP
  6. even without magic strings i see them playing gs decently... cuz they have their playstyles. not just mindlessly spamming and hoping for the best that the enemy dies..
  7. Royals™

    Star Glad Ring

    as the title says star glad ring is not present at curse & blessed ring effects thread does this mean there are no rings for star glads?
  8. Leave offer
  9. I cant say GS class is dead because i still see effective GS around...
  10. hmm sure i like the Grand Peco Hairband cost 60 Event Tokens it gives +10% HP, VIT+20, 5% Demi-Human Reduction but i would like to give it a boost because it's a nice gear for new pallies in my opinion just give it an anti freeze and voila a very useful headgear for making support build on low budget players
  11. Soo here it goes sometimes there are awesome headgears u can buy thru event toks but the thing they are awesome statwise but ends up being kept at inventory and couldnt be used on battle. unlike the ship captain hat obtainable thru activity toks has an anti effect that is very useful in battle. So here is my suggestion would it hurt if we give some notice to some event headgears to have an effect like anti freezing to be more useful in battle? that's all :)
  12. Royals™

    Endure Skill

    so thats why endure only affects cart termination tho desperado hits more than once right?
  13. Royals™

    Endure Skill

    as i have read the endure skill makes the user skip the flinch animation thus preventing the stun lock which in some cases doesn't happen on some skills. My question is, is this set on purpose that endure will not be effective on all physical skills?
  14. Make sure ya come back Johnneh!! See ya later when i see ya :)
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