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  1. cmdshft

    Game Freezing

    Okay so I downloaded a clean full patch file and ran the "opensetup.exe" and switched from Lua to Reg and now the game runs fine every time.
  2. cmdshft

    Game Freezing

    I initially tried the full installer and that runs but the game freezes at the loading screen at 100% and nothing happens after. As I said, I tried the small installer to see if that would work and it wouldn't load due to 4 DLL files missing. I am not at home right now so I can't look at which ones are missing. I tested another server's setup and their's works just fine with no freezing so this is strictly an issue with ForsakenRO's files.
  3. cmdshft

    Game Freezing

    I downloaded another servers installation and the game runs perfect every time, which means there is clearly an issue with running this servers program. I tried to download the small patch but it tells me that I am missing 4 DLL files. Someone please help?
  4. Having the same issue. Need help.
  5. cmdshft

    Game Freezing

    Running Windows 10 Anniversary in a Parallels VM. I used to play this server a while back, maybe a year or so ago. I decided to come back. Game worked fine in a VM then, but now it seems to freeze after a loading screen gets to 100%. After 4 tries, I could only get the game to work once and when trying to go back into a town, it froze again at 100% loading. Any fixes? Also, how do I bring up the game config that shows up when you first run the game? EDIT: Apparently there was someone else here who had the same issue, I figured out how to load the settings window again, however the game is not respecting the options chosen and still loads full screen at full resolution.
  6. Yeah, I went to go grind large mobs with the card on a weapon and it was only hitting the first 3 cells, not the 9 it's supposed to. Database description says 9 cells, which is clearly inaccurate.
  7. Noticed that equipping a weapon with Bapho card is basically useless here, instead of 9 cells it's now 3 cells here? Any reason for this and any chance of getting it put back to 9 cells?
  8. D'oh! Thanks! I must have missed it when I went there last time. >_<
  9. @whodrops returns info saying that this item is not dropped by normal mobs and the NPC that would normally give them to you on the official server is not in the iRO location. How can I obtain this item?
  10. If you do, feel free to say hello! My main is a Champ, may work on a Gunslinger next.
  11. Thank you all! I am already at 255 haha. Gonna mozy on around the place and see what's up.
  12. Hello, I am cmdshft. I am obviously new here but I am not new to RO at all. If you've jumped around servers about 7 years ago, I started out with the name Hara Taiki and I was very prominent in the community. The first server I ever played on was WhateeRO, for about a year or so. I was part of the biggest guild on the server and eventually became a moderator on the forums as well as a GM. Not long after, I began learning my ways around eAthena (I'm talking around r4K) and shortly after was put in charge of maintaining the server versions as well as updating the database files. After some time, some of the prominent members of my guild and I decided to split from WhateeRO due to some issues with management relations and the community and began building and testing trunk eAthena builds and using the GRF tools and such to diff our own patcher, build a website and launch VanquishRO. WhateeRO had collapsed and shut down by this time. We managed to borrow some ideas from that server and we came up with lots of cool stuff on the server. If I recall, we ran for about another year and a half, mostly because of financial and time restraints. I really miss running and playing on that server, the community was really nice and had gotten well over 300 players up until the time we were forced to shut down for personal reasons, as we could not afford to move the server to a dedicated machine on a faster network, yada yada. After that much of the team moved on, had school, had children, etc. Personally, I stopped following development of the RO game. I just recently gained some interest in playing and heard about the Renewal efforts (bleh, pre-renewal forever!) and found this server. Hopefully I will enjoy playing on here periodically when I can. Anyway, a little personal stuff about myself... I am 27, I am an EMT and I work a hectic schedule. I am dating a beautiful nerdy ginger girl who I adore with all my heart. And I really hope to get to know some people on this server. If anyone here happens to be from WhateeRO or VanquishRO, please contact me! Hopefully I get to be reacquainted with some people. That's all for now. Any questions, feel free to ask!
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