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  1. I guess i dont have to justify why i wanted a color changer for it. xD or maybe you can add other headgears with same effect.
  2. Yes.this is so hard to make and unbalanced.specially str runes.wtf is this. after you make your way to sieg you also need to finish bryn quest? wtf is this.
  3. Wow it really is. xD but its not noted. so thats why some are saying that halb is nerfed, because in the latest update the only noted change in LK halb is the HP reduction. :( GM how about the additional buff for Bowling Bash that doesnt need 3 kiel.? can we have that? Thanks ^_^
  4. How i wish our Development Team would acknowledge this suggestion. <3
  5. can anybody give some tips and tricks in entering Thanatos room?
  6. In the last Server i played before FRO, they have a good voting system that always acknowledge by old and new players. they can have Donatted items with same effects and everything but not tradeable, but you really need a lot of vote points for you to have one. so its a win win. new and old players can have items with same effect as Donated ones BUT! in exchange of a lot of vote points.
  7. Because of LK G. Ring and Urlls. FreyBlade and Halb became useless. Maybe we should buff up this 2 LK Weapon so it would be Balance. Urlls + G ring is too OP. Maybe just a little adjustment for other lk weapon would be good. Bowling Bash is a good skill for LK. and very useful in WOE because of its AOE damage. now my suggestion is to give Frey Blade an ability to use parry freely when its equipped not just a percentage of casting it on your self when u receive physical damage, +5% aftercast delay and increase Bowling bash damage to 40-50% would be great. Now for LK Halb, making it 25% damage to demihuman insted of 15% i think would be just fine.
  8. S/t>frigg's= Teal Baloon Or Teal Cat Ears+ Tokens
  9. please help... i cant catch a certain monster using a Hocus Pocus...the "????" and "Beastly Hypnosis" is not working when im catching a monster called Garden Keeper.. but i use it to other monster and i easily caught em. is there even a catch rate for each monster in this server?? please help. :(
  10. the mob drop version pm C L o u d i u Z
  11. any GM that can help us with this quest?? where to hunt Dragons Breath cocktail??? if its droped by hydro this quest should be easy. -_-
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