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  1. ADD this thing Hey Guys!!! So Here's the scoop: Donation Gunslinger Guardian Ring is deemeed "unplayable" "useless" "trash". Overall, this ring is not usable at all. Most players think It is not usable due to the fact that the donation gunslinger guardian ring cannot achieve No Casting (The server doesn't allow the use of Dark Lord+Dark Illusion Combo on Donation GS G ring) Alternatively, you can use a NoN Donation Guardian Ring and achieve No Casting on Tracking The Build Breakdown : Non Donation Guardian Ring - Currently the ring gives [vit +24, Dex+14, Max HP+14% , Max SP+7%, Walking Speed +10%, Reduce Vit Def by 7%, Increase casting time by 17%, Increase damage of Tracking by 294%, Reduce damage taken from demihumans by 3%] Spammable(Can Achieve No Casting) with +10 Headgear with 2 Katheryn Keyron Cards and +10 Non Donation Guardian Ring with 1 Katheryn Keyron Card Dark Illusion Card on Aura (Stacks with NoN donation Guardian Ring) allows the use of 2 Fallen Bishop cards on footgear. Comparatively, The Donation Gunslinger Guardian Ring/Cape currently gives [Vit + 35, Dex + 20, Max HP+20%, Max SP+10%, Walking speed +15%, Reduce Vit def by 10% , Increase casting time by 25%, Increase damage of Tracking by 420%, Reduced damage taken from Demihumans by 5%] Cannot Achieve A No Casting Tracking (due to the fact that Dark Lord and Dark Illusion doesn't work, even if it works, not sure if it can get No Casting) Can be interrupted if enemies attacked you during casting *cough* Literally the only way to play this ring : Put cards that procs Lex Aeterna on accessories and wait for that % chance of Lex Aeterna and that 1% chance of auto casting Level 10 Tracking(hoping you can 1 shot the enemy, sometimes you do). We all know that auto attack with that HP pool of a Gunslinger = A Recipe Of Disaster Or Use Phen Card and Play Tracking With Casting, but other classes will out spam you and outdamage you no matter how hard you try ? Disclaimer: Tracking isn't suppose to be No Casting. (According to wikipedia hehe). Some sources say so, but why does NoN G Ring achieve No Casting well....Some sources say Non Donation G Ring is No Casting because it is an outdated ring. Wink *_* Well then.... The Biggest Complain : Most people are QQing about the Donation GS G Ring's Casting Time while Non Donation G Ring achieves No Casting. The Problem: why does a Non Donation Ring have better usage/application than a Donated Ring. Non Donation G Ring = 294% Tracking Damage + spammable + No Casting Time Donation G Ring = 420% Tracking Damage + interruptable + Casting Time *I understand that Non G Ring works like this because its outdated, but why not update? Lazy Writing ? * Better in what ways: Non G Ring allows the user to spam Tracking with No Casting Time and A Devastating Amount Of Damage [294%] In comparison, GS G Ring have a cast time and is interruptible by skills(unless you use Phen card which further increases Casting Time, slowing your Casting even further in exchange of not being interrupted) . By the time a GS have casted Tracking and inflict damage, he probably would have died(GS runs about 200k+ HP). Other classes would have out spammed that one Tracking you fired, 4 seconds ago........x.x The Ring Is Literally Trash Cuz Who Autos In This Server? Unless you are one of those cool sinxs ? They pack the heat Possible Solutions: Disclaimer: These have probably been suggested but I don't know since i am fairly recent playa ? Allow the use of Dark illusion+Dark Lord combo(in GS G ring) in exchange lower the 420% Damage(Who ever suggested that % probably Blazed It) to 320% (Or values that is balanced) Damage in Ring. ? Sidenote: Dark Lord procs Meteor Storm sometimes, slowing your spam, which is good if you wanna limit the extent of the ring. Or Insert a Phen Card Effect in the Ring, which allows the user to run 2 Berzebub cards (which is more practical and able to have a decent spam and go against other classes without being interrupted) Or Feel free to add *Insert Suggestion The point of my suggestion is to make the GS Donation Guardian ring somewhat usable(For Those Who Have It). And put some value into it(cause i have one ?). *sarcasm* muah Some Players Might Argue That: Why not just use the non donation guardian ring, I do. Pew Pew Nubs *sarcasm* But my infinity stone looking ring gets boring to wear >.> suggesting this for fashion only to be real In a more serious note, just want to utilize the use of donation cape(cuz they look awesome!) If you gave me the non donation effect in donation cape, i would take that too. Thanks For Hearing Me Out, Your Mom
  2. I agree on this .... please kind help on trash guardian ring make it usable
  3. where can i get the ID of this ticket...genesis what to get this ID.. Waste of Money with trash ITEM...Guardian G Ring of Gunslinger was Trash
  4. i see to eat...balance,it was not balance to...overpower maybe not...why do u not less the damage of G ring...make it 320% like on the ND G ring....Donated Rings are Trash...waste of many for the Guardian Ring....
  5. MrFerret...someone was selling last time ND G ring...ND was the best...if im not mistaken the ND G ring give 320% traking damage...and no decrease cast time...unlike the Orig G ring had decrease cast.. u cannot spam tracking...but the ND ring can spam hahahah...
  6. Maybe make this no cast to like ND Guardian Ring...The Gunslinger Guardian Ring was trash right now...maybe they fix to make usabale... or change status of this item...it was not hard to get but u cannot use it... and you cannot trade also to other player..because this Ring was trash..
  7. Kindly remake this (Gunslinger Guardian Ring) it was nerf to make it trash..this item was hard to make..the ND guardian Ring was good enough for real gunslinger guardian.. Renew the guardian Ring in usable..not being trash...i was so expensive to do.. and make it trash... can you fix this (Gunslinger Guardian Ring).. make it usable not trash ITEM... waste ITEM Gunslinger Guardian Ring for this time hahahah... I'm very Thankful in advance... Keep it Strong.
  8. chupzka


    Selling GS G set= OFFER... NONR
  9. chupzka


    Why is my char go to JAIL for 11years+ i just got BC? and How can rescue my char.. some help plssss.. i miss my char
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