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  1. The GMs have to go over the entire list and review it to look for any cheaters which takes time, so please be patient. In order to receive your reward, you have to claim it from a GM in-game.
  2. The website was not exactly down for a long time, maybe a day or two. Genesis already said he would be making up for the downtime by giving everyone some vote points, though. The exact amount I am not sure. Edit: According to the announcement in-game, everyone is earning double vote points temporarily. So this is already done, thread closed.
  3. All MVPs besides Thanatos are free-for-all, but KSing otherwise is not allowed.
  4. In that case, no, there are not. The only way to obtain them (apart from buying them) is to farm the ingredients yourself or use the card combo.
  5. You can try the card combo for Alchemist. The card combo is Muka, Raggler, Baby Leopard, Zipper Bear and Holden Card. The combo makes Glistening Coats drop, but at a very low rate.
  6. The time it lasts depends on the amount of time you pay for at the NPC. Unless you are talking about the Forsaken Dungeon pass, then it lasts forever.
  7. 3rd classes are not available here.
  8. This can be caused by a corrupt download. Have you tried re-downloading the installer?
  9. Done cleaning up the Strategy Guides section! :D

    1. ChainBreak
    2. Capuccino


      Cookie for you Enenra. :)

  10. That would be awesome! I would love if the community is more involved with the forums and that sounds like the perfect idea to make it happen. :)
  11. The quest guide and all the information you need about Cursed/Blessed Rings is available here.
  12. Yep. There are some not so nice players who will sell a slotted Memory Book, the requirement for the quest is the one without the slot, which was the issue here.
  13. The Valkyrie Exchanger will simply not allow you to exchange head gears if there are cards slotted inside, so you cannot lose cards from doing so.
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