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  1. After 5 years, today i stumbled upon this forum...can't believe FRO still going strong, and is the GM still the same person 5 years back? just wanna say HI to all in FRO family...I might play again but do i need to play from scratch? wonder is my game acc is still playable..^^
  2. sidsiders


    it's been a few month i didn't play ro and it seem that we have new stuff...is there any guide on how to do the halloween quest and how to go to the haunted mansion or is it supposed to be a secret quest where i can't ask people around and no guide at FROwiki? and am a bit left behind i just wanna ask what happened to voting center...will it be ok?
  3. sidsiders

    Lilttle Help

    thank you perishable..i'll try ..hahha
  4. sidsiders

    Lilttle Help

    its has been couple of month i didn't play...i see some changes and new quest too...just now i try to start the knight quest but i can move on since i cant gat through the 1st question.. i already put servant and he still wont accept it and i tried so many times..anybody know what should i do? and MVP HP is increased right?
  5. sidsiders

    Fro Wiki

    what happened to Fro wiki? i cant view quest list...
  6. Dear GM's, i just finished my laughing poo poo hat quest and i found out the description of the hat is wrong, it say Rental items a spiritual robe granted by freya.it appears very sturdy,but it will eventually disappear and return to freya's realm, folkvangr. max hp +700 TQ
  7. sidsiders

    Farming Service!

    get the goods...thanks Rask for the fast service...
  8. sidsiders

    Farming Service!

    as per conversation earlier (in game) here i post my request 500pcs cecil damon card i'll pm u by 2moro but am nt rushing. ^^ thanks.
  9. is there a prize for 2nd and 3rd winner? ^^
  10. my second post relaxing in Jawaii in a hot summer day IGN: eagle1 OMG i didn't hide the health bar...is that ok?
  11. i wanna buy winter hat or twin pom pom hat [40] + 1 mithril coin... pls reply here or pm me, my IGN killingsworth or dark star ^^
  12. dude 6 ygg tix:6? the price is 3:1.. good luck on ur sale
  13. Christmas came early!!!! IGN : eagle1
  14. how do i upload my pic? when i click insert image it ask for a link do i need to upload my pic some where else 1st? poringly : alt+end for health bar,f10 for chat box
  15. sidsiders

    Am Frustrated

    farming ygg berries become harder and boring due to less mob in that Fdun... to get 1k berries it made me fall asleep... what happened to our beloved dungeon? i know got people report about this a while back and since then nothing happen... the spawn of the mob is like freaking slow...i felt like i rather farm berries at for fild02 coz i can see more mob even the drop % is less (and i can loot other things too)... i will think twice before i farm berries coz it will consume more of my time now compared to last time... in other word am FRUSTRATED with Fdun right now... when ever i go there i felt like yelling ( can u imagine how i felt about this?) will GM do something about this? any other player realize about this? if u dont feel free to warp to fdun and see it ur self (for old player who have been farming for a long time) Thank you
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