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  1. Oh woah, hi

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    2. Capuccino
    3. Danny
    4. Justice


      I just thought I'd drop by to see how everyone and everything is, is all :3 Seems like everyone is doing well!

  2. you aren't a GM anymore? O_O

    1. Nelly


      I just miss sera and justice...im not sure you guys are the same owner or not xD

  3. Questionable Ban Cases: Your username: abetpolea The name of the characters on your account: kuroko tetzuya , onehitlng When was your account banned?: last week Saturday Is there any reason you may have been banned? i don't know the reason why they ban me. ma'am/sir im telling the truth. i don't do anything wrong please revive my account so i can play again. please i don't do anything wrong i love playing forsaken ragnarok im always hunting yggseed please thank you

    1. uchie16


      Make sense bro, File A ticket..

  4. Hello everyone! We're terribly sorry for the great inconvenience, but GvG will be canceled today due to an emergency with the hosts. 2 rounds will be held next Sunday, January 5th, 2014! Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  5. Ahhhh, finally 21......... (I donno what I should even do now)

    1. ChainBreak


      Go and get drunk of course. :3

    2. Hypnosis
    3. Dawn


      happy birthday :)

  6. Happy Birthday, fRO! I hope you guys enjoy the quest, items, and the new city.
  7. I think it is important to consider other time options for the Euro and Asia WoE times for the sake of players outside of North America. However, the fact still remains that this server DOES have players from North America. So the goal needs to be to find a compromise for both parties. Not just one or the other. On a side note about GvG and BR in comparison to WoE, keep in mind that BR and GvG are hosted by GMs. Genesis, Dream, and I are the primary hosts for these events. Being GM hosted events means that the times need to accommodate the host as well and not only the players. And we have done our best to adjust the times of those two events based on player suggestion to best suit the most amount of participants. But... Those events still have to be at a time that one of the three of us can actually host during.
  8. OTL Make the essays stop.... I'm going to die by essay.

    1. Decode


      Noooo, don't die, do not leave me alone in this world!!! :P

    2. thePast
    3. Justice


      @Decode: I'm sorrrryyyy Decodeeeeeeee!! THE ESSAYS ARE EATING ME ALIVEEEEEE. I still have like... 3 essays due before the end of the year in 3 weeks.... And don't even talk to me about the essays I have to write DURING my finals and the extra credit essays. MAN.

  9. Please report this in a ticket with the screenshots
  10. Too much school... I need a long... LOOONG break.

  11. Hey there! Welcome to fRO. I hope you enjoy your stay with us. If you ever need help at all, feel free to PM me or talk to another GM. I'm also certain that the other players around here would be more than willing to help. 私はJusticeと言います。よろしくお願いします!fROにようこそ!私も日本語を話せますけど、ちょっとよくないです。まだ大学で勉強しています。Onosakiさんの方が上手ですね。ハハハハ!Strawbeeさんは「まだまだです」と言ったのに、本当に上手ですよ!じゃ、Strawbeeさんは助けていれば、私に聞いた方がいいですよ。何があっても、手伝いますよ。分かった?(LOL I hope those last few sentences made sence...) (I'm called Justice. Nice to meet you! Welcome to fRO. I also speak Japanese, but I'm not very good. I'm still studying it in college. Onosaki is better than me. HAHAHAHA! Even though you say you might say you're not that good at Japanese, you really are! Well, if you need help, it would be good to ask me. No matter what it is, I'll help. Got it?) *bad-ish translation of my own words*
  12. I hate writing essays....

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    2. Seraphine


      Yeah essays suck D:

    3. ScarletDevilmoon


      Essays are the pure black magic evil o w o

      Since they want you talk a lot about 1 thing

    4. -Si-


      Me and essays have a love hate relationship.

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