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  1. omg! why didnt anyone think of this before!? sounds fun! :D
  2. hey james, Im Revolver-69. for ND GS, i strongly recommend 3kiels = helm+aura, get a fluffy wing from vote as default. the redux will help u alot. if they try to stone u, use a ruck with fsoldier in it. and when i started as a newbie, the whitesmith card helps a lot when ur pvp-ing.(i know this is a cheap way to win, but hey... a win is a win). and in cloak, sinx+skoll is a pretty good cloak. especially when VS snipers. or sinx. helps in repositioning urself for a despe spam. last but not least......... if ur desperate for win....."DESPERATE"...... u can use Dragoon Wiz Boots and in weap [Valk R, LoD,WS,thana maero] this will get you hated. but ull prolly win. hahahah! Enjoy. :D
  3. Looool! hey im Revolver-69. ill convince u ill be in top 3. /gg. lemme just go log in to fild
  4. Bio having infinite bottles is kinda OP, theyll be able to carry a lot of seeds. so, -1.(unless they make "infinite bottles" = 2k weight, to counter the weight problem, or remove the enlarge weight limit from the weaps)<--something to think abt? As for GS guns, yeah.... LGrenade Launcher/Rifle/Shotgun please. itll make the class sooo much more fun to play. Considering that other class has a variety of weapon/style to pick from (Lk = spear/sword,Stalker=sword/bow,Sinx=crit/dagger/katar...), this would make the GS class much more fun to play IMO.
  5. +1. I NEED VR CARD!!! i cant find the mvp. help us newbies please~ <3
  6. -1. Slotted Legendary Gauntlets would be too OP. even if they were made possible, it shud be a very hard quest.
  7. ooooo yeah. I tried playing SL, but unlike ninja(which when used properly, doesnt need to tank at all) SL actually has to do a bit of tanking. Basiclly SL have too little HP, itll be very nice if SL can be buffed so more ppl can play this class well to allow more diversity in pvp characters, rather than me mainstream LKs Snipers Champ. this would make pvp more fun.
  8. ahha yeah! or other purposes. even with cursed ring, we still get crit. need something in headgear to reduce crit chance.
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