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  • Save Santa Quest




    Note: in order to receive the items, you must talk to all of the NPCs in this order and follow these steps exactly.

    Step 1


    Talk to Santa's Helper

    Step 2


    Talk to Miss Claus

    Step 3


    Talk to the Little Boy

    Step 4


    Talk to the Christmas Goblin

    Be sure to kill all of the Christmas Goblins he spawns.

    Step 5


    Talk to his brother, the second Christmas Goblin

    Step 6


    Go back and talk to Santa's Helper

    Step 7


    Talk to Xmas Jack

    To make you his "special" eggnog, he will need..

    530.gif 100 Candy Canes

    7035.gif 100 Matchsticks

    7066.gif 100 Ice Cubics

    539.gif 100 Pieces of Cake

    12130.gif 5,000,000 Zeny

    Step 8


    Return to the Second Goblin and give him...

    12076.gif 1 "Special" Christmas Eggnog

    Step 9


    Talk to Orc Claus

    Be sure to kill the Orc Claus NPC that spawns.

    You should receive:

    7782.gif 1 Key to Santa's Cell

    2784.gif 1 Spirit of Christmas

    Step 10


    Unlock the door to Santa's Cell

    7782.gif 1 Key to Santa's Cell

    Step 11


    Return the Spirit of Christmas to Santa

    2784.gif 1 Spirit of Christmas

    Step 12


    Talk to Santa again.

    Those pesky goblins also stole the following items...

    12373.gif 323 Letters to Santa

    12258.gif 100 Christmas Toys

    667.gif 100 Christmas Presents

    13808.gif 100 Christmas Boxes

    12366.gif 100 Little Girl's Dolls

    6070.gif 1 Santa's List

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