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  • [FRO] Legendary Weapon Quest Guide




    Completing this quest you'll obtain a

    Legendary Weapon

    You can claim your Legendary Weapon based on what character you use for this Quest


    Level 255/255

    Forsaken Knight Quest Completion


    STEP 1
    @warp for_elite 98 98
    Talk to the Forsaken Knight Master. For your first mission
    You'll have to bring the following items to the next NPC Librarian

    image.gif 1 Level 7 Cookbook [7478] - Evil Druid
    image.gif 1 Old Magicbook [1006] - Rideword
    image.gif 1 Legendary Encyclopedia [2] [1564] - Elder
    image.gif 1 Legendary Book of Charms [2131] - Gajomart
    image.gif 1 Memory Book [2109] -  Agav
    image.gif 1 Torn Magic Book [7117] - Necromancer
    image.gif 1 Books on Legendary Weapons [7431] - Isilla

    STEP 2
    @warp for_king 42 143
    Then go and talk to the Librarian in Forsaken City's Library and offer to help her obtain some valuable books.

    STEP 3
    @warp prt_in 171 51
    Go to the Library in Prontera and talk to the Head Librarian.

    STEP 4
    @warp prt_in 161 61
    Find the Poetic Edda book on the shelf.


    STEP 5
    @warp geffen_in 173 104
    Talk to the Librarian of Magic in Geffen.


    STEP 6
    @warp geffen_in 177 114
    Get the Voluspa's Dark Arts book from the shelf.


    STEP 7
    @warp lou_in01 41 143
    Talk to the Librarian of Fighting in the Louyang library.


    STEP 8
    @warp lou_in01 33 148
    Get the Sacred Text of Valhalla from the shelf.


    STEP 9
    @warp payon_in03 121 125
    Talk to the Head Librarian of Payon's Library.

    STEP 10
    @warp payon_in03 122 131
    Get the Codex Regis from the shelf.


    STEP 11
    @warp for_king 42 143
    Return to the Forsaken City Librarian and speak with her.


    STEP 12 
    @warp for_elite 98 98
    Let the Forsaken Knight Master know that your first mission has been done.
    On your second mission, you'll need to hunt down a Thief who has robbed Forsaken citizens.



    STEP 13
    @warp for_fild06 133 335
    The Thief will be at any one of these three locations at any given time.
    Keep walking by him until he snickers and disappears... but only after stealing some of your zeny!


    STEP 14
    @warp for_fild06 224 226
    If the thief is hidden, try going to another location and see if you can find him there.

    STEP 15
    @warp for_fild06 240 147
    Repeat the previous steps and continue moving near the thief.


    Continue going back to the different locations and walking near him when he's visible until he challenges you.
    *Challange mean the thief not ask you to get a fight with him.
    After he said he already scattered the item on the midgrad he will not give back the items he stole. You need to FARM all items below*

    He's scattered lots of stolen goods which you'll need to return to the Knight Master:

    image.gif 400 Feathers [949] - Fabre
    image.gif 300 Iron [998] - Goblin
    image.gif 100 Soft Silks [7166] - Wicked Nymph
    image.gif 100 Bags of Grain [577] - @warp xmas 152 136
    image.gif 100 Coal [1003] - Knocker
    image.gif 50 Delivery Packages [7488] - Alice
    image.gif 50 Dried Fruit Boxes [7887] - Aliza
    image.gif 50 Grilled Rice Cakes [6099] - Rice Cake Boy
    image.gif25 Flavored Alcohol [6095] - Evil Nymph
    image.gif 25 Bags of Gold Coins [670] - Goblin @mi #1122
    image.gif 10 Battered Kettles [7323] - Waste Stove
    image.gif 1 Oridecon Anvil [987] - Howard Alt-Eisen

    STEP 16
    @warp for_elite117 163
    Return to the Forsaken Knight Master with the stolen items and he'll give you the next part of your mission:
    compensating the citizens who were robbed.



    STEP 17
    @warp fcity 21 138
    Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them
    10,000,000 zeny.



    STEP 18
    @warp fcity 142 64
    Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them
    10,000,000 zeny.



    STEP 19
    @warp fcity 155 183
    Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them
    10,000,000 zeny.



    STEP 20
    @warp fcity 145 121
    Offer your sympathy for the citizen and give them
    10,000,000 zeny.



    STEP 21
    @warp for_elite 98 98
    Return to Forsaken Knight Master and he'll give you the following items when your mission is finished.
    Bring these to the Forsaken Master Forger:

    These items are given by the Forsaken Knight Master, you don't need to farm for it

    image.gif 1 Oridecon Anvil [987]
    image.gif 100 Coal [1003]
    image.gif 300 Iron [998]
    image.gif 1 Books on Legendary Weapons [7431]

    STEP 22
    Part I
    @warp for_elite 128 101

    Talk to the Forsaken Master Forger
    He'll ask for the following materials

    image.gif300 Burning Heart [7097] - Magmaring
    image.gif 200 Live Coal [7098] - Blazer
    image.gif15 Enriched Elunium [7619] - Mining Spot
    image.gif15 Enriched Oridecon [7620] - Mining Spot
    image.gif 1 Hammer of Blacksmith [1005] - Minorous

    If you have Hero's Remain in your inventory you can just click the npc again.

    STEP 22
    Part II
    @warp for_elite 128 101

    To prove your worth, you must then return to Forsaken Master Forger.

    image.gif 1 Hero's Remain [7833] - Lost Dragon

    Hero's Remain can be obtain at 
    LOST DRAGON at @warp abyss_02
    (20~30 Minutes Spawn Time)



    REVISED BY: [GM] JoyBoy




    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments


    Make a High Wizard. The 5x5 AOE damage makes farming all this crap really easy.
    Nothing Fancy:

    Str, 0.
    Agi, 0.
    Vit, dump everything else in here. Mine is 174+42.
    Int, max it out at 300. Mine is 300+53.
    Dex, should total of 150 for instant cast. Mine is 109+41.
    Luk 0
    Use the 5146.gif.31e123c066b8d24e1c868649b4b1ad3a.gifNewbie Elephant Hat, from Freebie NPC(@warp fcity 84 119) to reduce casting cooldowns(a must have).
    wz_vermilion.gif.d858402cd8c303616f99e41490e0b9d7.gifLord of Vermilion will be your main spell across the board.
    Alternate between wz_vermilion.gif.881c544430ed0c0bab414ee4a5df6ce2.gifLord of Vermilion and wz_stormgust.gif.5ed6308e3125dbf2a027572d638e42bd.gifStorm Gust on Gold Alus'.
    wz_heavendrive.gifUse Heaven's Drive on Howard Alt-Eisen.



    7478.gif.7ab857b38bcf38a78971d14274be389b.gifLevel 7 Cookbook(@warp gl_church - dropped by Evil Druid) @ali 7478
    1006.gif.138981627439e00b8910e18ba0e67cff.gifOld Magicbook (@warp alde_dun04 - dropped by Bathory) @ali 1006
    1564.gif.1710a703e282b57a332face57567d94f.gifLegendary Encyclopedia [2] (@warp tha_t04 - dropped by Elder) @ali 1564
    2131.gif.20f0c0c10920310ec4f626165aa3afd6.gifLegendary Book of Charms (@warp gld_dun01_2 - dropped by Gajomart) @ali 2131
    2109.gif.b60780a08081badfba85fe5719c9b25f.gifMemory Book [0] (@warp ra_san05 - dropped by Agav) @ ali 2109
    7117.gif.2dab000cde663201f7d2d25e9e11b929.gifTorn Magic Book (@warp tha_t04 - dropped by Elder) @ali 7117
    7431.gif.6a3b6c0fdaf3fd28487c553aa5435918.gifBooks on Legendary Weapons (@warp ra_san02 - dropped by Isilla ) @ali 7431



    Here's some clarification on the thief:
    The thief can be at any three locations below. You don't have to talk to him in any specific order. If he's not at one location, go to the next. Warp to all three locations, like two or three times, and talk to him if he's there. (I know it's overkill but it is fool proof).
    The coords make you land on top of him so he might not be missing, but your fat character model might be blocking him 🙂
    Thief Locations:
    @warp for_fild06 113 335
    @warp for_fild06 224 226
    @warp for_fild06 240 147



    This crap weighs around 5k. When turning it all in, reset your stats through the Forsaken Kafra(costs $5k) to dump it all in Strength, then once turned in, reset your stats back to what they were before.
    @storage all these items so your inventory isn't cluttered. Then, when turning them in, just go down this list when you're ready to turn everything in:

    949.gif.f6a4a797979090b512508aba6e160b88.gif400 Feathers (@warp prt_fild01 Lunatics and Fabres) @ali 949 
    998.gif.96088fc9b7b5588a879d614c9e07ef59.gif300 Iron (@warp gef_fild11 - dropped by Goblin) @ali 998
    7166.gif.28c7beaf87e3d2068a73f5d44380dfaa.gif100 Soft Silks (@warp gon_dun03 - dropped by Wicked Nymph) @ali 7166
    577.gif.7158e53aae2944318863263cfc099102.gif100 Bags of Grain (@go 7, Buyable at Chef Assistant for $20k) 
    1003.gif.f17eba1ad29d6d2fcf6b3b5fae15c646.gif100 Coals (@warp prt_fild11 - dropped by SteamGoblin) @ali 1003
    7488.gif.196c7dc4c593b718a485cc97a13b68a6.gif50 Delivery Packages (@warp kh_dun01 - dropped by Alice) @ali 7488
    7887.gif.83634fb7924c538c89dc266917537aee.gif50 Dried Fruit Box (@warp kh_dun01 - dropped by Aliza) @ali 7887
    6099.gif.ec1cc27fe5f0a3084b04048ee31874e1.gif50 Roast Rice Cake (@warp gon_fild01 - dropped by Rice Cake Boy) @ali 6099
    6095.gif.186081a1c31a5b54c05b45d9481e8dfc.gif25 Flavored Alcohol (@warp gon_dun03 - dropped by Evil Nymph) @ali 6095
    670.gif.6230f291e678b42672255f601b6e2eb1.gif25 Bags of Gold Coins (@warp gef_fild11 - dropped by Goblin) @ali 670
    7323.gif.a6689d3ed51e48adab7f423df5ddb8b5.gif10 Battered Kettles (@warp ein_dun02 - dropped by Waste Stove) @ali 7323
    987.gif.c73dc986ad88dfd4b5ba6acbc279682d.gif1 Oridecon Anvil (@warp lhz_dun03 - dropped by Howard Alt-Eisen) @ali 987


    You'll need to collect $40mil. Treasure Boxes sell for $150k.
    7444.gif.27ec2794580f666277d05b09e5b1660c.gif267 Treasure Box (@warp abyss_03 - dropped by Gold Alus) @ali 7444

    Final Items for the Forsaken Blacksmith:
    7097.gif.e3b35c42455fa489b5ba55ff9fa7bbda.gif300 Burning Heart (mag_dun01 - Dropped by Blazer) @ali 7097
    7098.gif.b7a8c998c76720139aae657aa766aee3.gif200 Live Coal (mag_dun01 - Dropped by Blazer) @ali 7098
    7619.gif.5a9589e435cff57ee127e60674f1fd28.gif15 Enriched Elunium *follow the last steps of the guide above*
    7620.gif.66d0030329cb14d2cadc84529cb461f9.gif15 Enriched Oridecon *follow the last steps of the guide above*
    1005.gif.c5190a9bd1515cc265e16e595d1c0546.gif1 Hammer of Blacksmith (pay_fild10 - Dropped by Dokebi) @ali 1005


    7833.gif.0686a965dcb30fe372ad550547ab3d29.gif1 Hero's remains (@warp abyss_03 - dropped by Lost Dragon) @ali 7833
    Lost Dragon is a MVP(good luck)...
    It's weak to Holy 175%. Neutral does 100%, everything else does 50% or less.


    I formatted everything to help a noob like me out. Any suggestions on better farming methods/classes are welcome because I haven't played RO in a decade.


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