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  • Forsaken RO Newbie Guide

    • Welcome to Forsaken Ragnarok Online! Here's what you need to know after creating your very first character!


    Forsaken RO Newbie Guide




    Welcome to Forsaken Ragnarok Online! Here's what you need to know after creating your very first character! You will be automatically warped to the Novice Zone Map as you can see in the image below. You will have some free equipment included to help you level up! You can use it by double clicking it. Open the Forsaken Wanderer Box and use the consumable items to make you level up faster and it will also give you stat bonus!




    Once you reach Job Level 10, you can go to Forsaken City (@go 25) and look for the Job Mistress to change your Job. You can also talk to the Baby Jobchanger NPC below if you prefer to create a Baby Class.




    To make things more easier for you to level up, you can claim the Starter Pack by talking to the Freebie NPC as shown in the image below. You can start leveling up on different maps based on your level. You can check the Leveling Guide to know which map is best to level up! Some quests requires you to have Zeny and Tokens so you can click the link to learn more about it. Remember to go back to the Job Mistress NPC if you need to change to the next Job and do the Re-Birth process.



    If you created a Sniper, Lord Knight, Paladin, Whitesmith, or Biochemist, you can rent a Cart, Falcon, and PecoPeco by talking to the Forsaken Kafra NPC. Select the Renter Option. You can also Refine and Repair items with Forsaken Kafra. The Warper NPC is also available to warp you on different locations. You can use the @warp command if you know the map code that you wish to go to or check the available CommandOnce you reach Base Level 255 and Job Level 255, you are ready to further explore the game by doing the Forsaken Knight Quest


    Congratulations! You are done being a Newbie once you completed the guide! It is time for you to gear up and further explore the game! We have a lot of GM Hosted Events, MVP Boss Hunting, Storyline Quests, and Custom Item Quest for you to explore. Don't forget to Vote for us to earn more rewards and we will appreciate if you Donate so we can continue to run this awesome game!


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