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Happy Halloween fRO! October 2022 Change Log

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  • Changed Forsaken City to Halloween Theme
  • Changed login screen to Halloween Theme
  • Lost Village is now enabled
  • Disabled knock-back on dbz_tour
  • Halloween quests are enabled
  • Halloween candies are back
  • Adjusted the stats of the Limited Edition Rune Aura and Limited Edition Phoenix Aura to HP +10%
  • Added Demon's Familiar Aura (SA Variant) [Available via in-game NPC for 4,200 Forsaken Tokens + 100 WoE Tokens + 1 Imp Token] NPC location: fcity 158 35
  • Added Lord of Royals cape variant in Token Shop
  • Fixed Oil Bottle[itemID: 6216] not dropping from Venatu
  • Minor bug fixed
  • Mystery Token Headgear Rotation
  1. Baphomet Mask
  2. Brown Afro
  3. Ghostring Hat
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