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Resurrección: Segunda Etapa<-//->Hybrid sbK dagger sinX(sinX Guardian ring)

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Assassin Cross of The Guardian
Str +15, Int +15, Vit +10, Max HP +10%, Max SP +10%, -5% cast delay reduction, Walking speed +15%
Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%
Increase damage of Meteor Assault by 300%, Soul Destroyer by 200%



This guide is about 9999% hybrid type soul breaker dagger sinX ;3 {MVP scene}

Pros-> u will have 2 in 1-tactic=TRIPLE attack within right handed w/ sbK+MA as supports skills

Cons-> no-shield-to_tank, means need the best cards setup to OP ur lowest def/mdef 😛 😛

-----Lex aeterna is our besties ^^ ^^-----




soul breaker Soul Destroyer.png

meteor assault Meteor Assault.png

enchant deadly poison Enchant Deadly Poison.png

double attack(passive) Double Attack.png

back sliding Back Slide.png

cloaking Cloaking.png

extra items-> cspeed pots/aloevera/anodyne/candy of terror




STR: *300 max*[includes str sbK calculation/atk/meteor assault]

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *left overs goes here* or *200k hpmax  at least*

INT: *200 till 245*[to get the most sbK dmg for int-parts]->just 245 maxed, if u have enuff to add 😛

DEX: *535 till 550 Hit*[547 Hit is the most ideal for MVP-kills]->status windows

LUK: 0


Head up: +10 Divine oblivion[bijou, kiel]

Head mid: skull prince aurora[kiel]

Head low: sinX guardian ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel]

Armor: +10 sinX DA[eleanor, high priest magaleta] or [eleanor, taoGK] or [eleanor, orc lord]

W(right): Hel's unholy dagger

[drake, Tg, abyss 2x]-> starter combo

[thanatos, phreeoni, abyss]-> Lack-of-Hit combo

[thanatos, drake, phreeoni 2x]-> universal MVP hitter combo


W(left): Loki's infernal dagger

[atroce 2x, dracula]-> OP sp drainer

[atroce 2x, hunter fly, dracula]-> OP hp/sp drainer

[atroce 3x, Tg]->universal hybrid dagger-builds

Cloak: Fking cloak

[get at least 3->4 of it, then slot-in whatever element redux cards(33% redux type), according which MVP u facing :4]

Shoe: Fking shoe[eddga, cursed sinX rune]

Accessories: str curse(coz have atk +10%)[ifrit, owl baron(lex auto-cast when hitting) ]




1. Ever wonder why ur ''hit missing(when MVPs have 3m hp lower left)? Coz they power-ups(stat triples passive). Just use MA or sbK to spam them directly :P{any melee/range hitting auto-triggers it}

2. This hybrid build have way more security than pure dual dagger builds(melee+range+aoe specialty) ^^

3. Feel free to waste the ygg berries, whenever 😛




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刀剣解放第二階層>Segunda Etapa<
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