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Wanna try unique/new style of MVP campers-build? Then this is the correct choice for-ya ~~❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~~

Hint: This type of GS aka gunslinger unique build only available for super-advanced users tbh, and hyper pricey gears to explore thee~ PLUS a greatly macro recording type of pc accessories for best viewing results :3



Gunslinger Blessed Ring
Walking speed +15%
Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%
Reduce VIT Def by 10%
Increase Long Range Attacks by 10%
Aspd +5, DEX +35, HP +15%, SP +20%, Hit +100
Enable use of Level 1 Charge Attack
Reduces all skill’s after-cast delay by 5%



Str: *80->120 exact*

Agi: *195 aspd*

Vit: *280k hpmax ideal*

Int: 90 max(GS jobs has the lowest spmax of all jobs after all ><)

Dex: 300 max

Luk: 0




H-up: Bouquet hat[kiel 2x]

H-mid: Flower aurora[kiel]

H-low: gunslinger bless ring*IMPORTANT*[bijou]

Armor: +10 gunslinger DA[eleanor,rsx0806] or [eleanor,orc lord] or [eleanor,puppetring]

**STAND-BY an extra armor[Taogk 2x] or [fraider 2x]=for +10 armor type(just incase-emergency)**

Weapon: Einmyria's Ashes/Legendary gunslinger Grenades launcher[thana,sniper cecil 3x] or [tg 2x,sniper cecil 2x] or [Vr 2x,abysmal 2x]

Shield: friggs king shield[gtb]

Garment: fking cloak[sinX eremes,hollowring] or [hollowring 2x]

Shoe: fking shoe[dragoon wizard,lady tanee] or [fox,lady tanee]

Acce: Dex gauntlets/Dex belts/freys/Dex curse[ifrit,vit rune] or [dex rune 2x] or [dex rune,vit rune]



Stylish usage

Ground drift gs_grounddrift.gif

increasing accuracy gs_increasing.gif

triple action gs_tripleaction.gif

flip the coin gs_glittering.gif

cloaking(from sinX eremes card) as_cloaking.gif

charge attack(from GS bless ring buff effect) kn_chargeatk.gif



1- Cards will affect the damage of the grenades.

2- Card effects like Thanatos work with Ground Drift.

3- Damage is calculated when somebody steps on a mine, this means that when you tag your weapon, card effects like Hydra/goldenring and Thanatos will work even if it wasn't the weapon you originally planted the grenade with.

4- Since Ground Drift is a ground attack, Magnetic Earth will negate both activation and damage of grenades.

5- If Ground Drift is casted on a hidden target, the grenade will explode(it assumes that a player or monster is occupying the cell)but no damage will be given to the hidden target.

6- Pneuma also blocks damage given by grenades and triggers the explosion.

7- You can have a maximum of 25 grenades on screen. AND can be plant under monsters/players!!!

8- When you die your grenades will not be removed from the screen but will still trigger when somebody walks over them; no damage will be dealt as well.

9- Every spheres planted within, are considers 6x6 aoe radius burst-Hits-scene, chotto matte-yaro :4 :4(immune to traps/mines breakable skills too)




Coordinates for spheres purchase aka grenade launcher's bullet types-> @warp for_dia 174 116

Blind sphere(dark element) 13226.png

Poison sphere(poison element) 13225.png -> can poisons any MVP by 25% chances/players by 15% chances ❤️❤️

Lightning sphere(wind element) 13224.png

Freezing sphere(water element) 13227.png

Flare sphere(fire element) 13223.png -> can deals to ghost type MVP greatly(special case for gunslinger jobs against MVP :3)

{Notes}-> Just buy 1 of each is enough(works just like 1 arrow/bullet=unlimited-hits via this Fro server)

DHLE98GXgAA2rsH.jpg         >}-ゾンビ-{>










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The ZOMBIE= Zジゼル・ジュエルZ
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