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melee+range imba?-  

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  1. 1. What's ur type of sinX possibilities :3 ?

    • hit+sliding moon-walker
    • ranged joker trolls
    • goes for thrice <3

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This basic guide is about Hybrid sonic blow sinX type :3

(Available for advances type users+gears are semi-expensive type too ❤️❤️❤️ )





Str: 290 totally(example:280+10/200+90/250+40)

Agi: *195 aspd*

Vit: *450k hpmax ideal*

Int: *170 capped*(sbK secondary dmger+more sp for spammin)

Dex: *550->560 Hit applies*

Luk: 0



H-up: +10 Teddy ears[amad/bijou,kiel]

H-mid: Purple rune of power*max hp gear types*[kiel]

H-low: sinX curse ring*IMPORTANT*[kiel]

Armor: +10 sinX DA[eleanor,Taogk] or [evil druid,eleanor] or[eleanor+fraider]

Weapon(right/left): Kitty claws[thana,Vr,tg 2x] or [thana,Vr,LOD 2x] or [thana,tg,phreeoni 2x]

Notes: Kitty claws/Legendary sinX katar considers as 2handed weapon

2nd weapon combos: Loki cursed blades(blue)[thana,atroce 3x] and Loki's infernal dagger[mastersmith 2x,dragoon warlord 2x]

Garment: fking cloak[giant whisper,skoll] or [hollowring 2x]

Shoe: Fking boot[cursed assassin rune 2x] or [cursed assasin rune,fox] or [cursed assassin rune,dragoon wizard]

Accessories: mix a gauntlets/mix a belts/brynhilds/mix a curse[Ifrit,str rune] or [str rune 2x]




Skills usage

Soul breaker asc_breaker.gif

Sonic blow as_sonicblow.gif

Meteor assault asc_meteorassault.gif

Enchant deadly poison asc_edp.gif

Back sliding tf_backsliding.gif

Cloaking as_cloaking.gif

Assassin spirit sl_assasin.gif




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