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AGI-CRIT spear Lord Knight <+竜弦+>(cursed ring guide)

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Thanks for the latest updates of Lord knight cursed ring, we're able to revives ''agi-critical'' classics back (~~^^~~)

younger-ryuken-ishida.png                      >石田>


Lord Knight Cursed Ring
Walking speed +15%
Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%
Reduce Vit def by 10%
HP +10%
SP +10%
Str +20
Vit +20
Luk +20
Attack +20%
Increase Damage done with Spiral Pierce by 30%
Decrease damage done with Brandish Spear by 200%
ASPD +5, Inflict +10% more damage with Critical Attacks


often skills used-> lk_aurablade.gif aura blade, lk_berserk.gif berserk




STR: 290-300

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *get as max as possible, recommended 300k hp* 

INT: 1(if u want to spam spiral pierce abit, can add some)

DEX: *150 exact*

LUK: *125-150 crit from status window*


Head up> any {+10} 2 slotted helm/{+10} Minstrel song Hat*preferable*/{+10} ship captain variants/{+10} Divine grace*richer purposes*[amad 2x/bijou 2x]

Head mid> Majestic purple nebula aurora[vanberk/orc hero]

Head low> {+10} Lord knight Cursed ring*IMPORTANT*[amad/bijou]

Armor> {+10} Lord knight DA[Tao gk, eleanor/Tao gk, orc lord/Tao gk, rsx0806]

Weapon> Lord Knight Black Halberd/Legendary LK spear[Tg, phreeoni, Vr, the paper/Vr 2x, phreeoni 2x/abysmal 2x, Tg 2x]

~~Special critical-spear aoe combo[Tg 2x, baphomet, the paper]~~

Shield> friggs king shield[gtb]

Garment> fking cloak[skoll, green maiden/whisper, giant whisper]

Shoe> fking shoe[moonlight flower, dragoon wizard]

Accessories> Luk gauntlet/Luk belt/mimir orb/Luk cursed[ifrit 2x/Luk rune 2x]


=>Notes: lk_spiralpierce.gif Spiral pierce still ned 3 kiels whenever :3 =>







Edited by niemono89
pierce till u numb :P
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10 hours ago, Raring said:

What are Vr, Tg, eleanor, amad, vanberk??

Vr= valkryie card

Tg= turtle general card

Eleanor-> +10 armor's card customed here :3

Amad= amadrias-> +10 hg's card customed here :3

Vanberk= try research in-game

Hope it gots ur mind deeply :3


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Edited latest colors of nebula aurora(coz purple shadow aurora removed) ^^

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4 hours ago, Raring said:

Could I please have recommendation for +10 gear cards?

if is for Lord knight job type:

amadrias/bijou/seyren windsor(normal lhz type)/eleanor(endgame type)

enjoy exploring :3

Edited by niemono89
Op tanker/def
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