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>=)))月牙天衝>=)))Duo blades crit MVP sinX aka [斬月zangetsu]

cero getsuga :0~~  

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  1. 1. Do u shield with dual blades~?

    • Yesh ! shield always goodie lel...
    • Yada ! I goes bare naked duo blades, ftw XD
    • Maybe I'm into yaoi/yuri/yauri :P

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For those 2 blades type lovers of sinX, can explore this build calmly :P

Basic type critical MVP sinX



STR: 300 totally(dual blades=>full burst str stat atw ~~^^)

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT: *100 exact for status immune* or upto your own hpmax prefers :3

INT: *left-overs goes here*

DEX: 1 *for pure crit melee hit scene* or 150*instant cast MA scene*

LUK: 165>170 crit from status window




Head upper: [+10]2 slots Ltd HG(amad 2x/bijou 2x)

Head mid: Ltd zodiac aurora or any aura u wish(vanberk/LK seyren/maya P)

Head Lower: [+10]sinX bless ring*important*(amad/bijou)

Armor: [+10]sinX DA, [+10]Fking armor(rsx0806,Fraider)/(Fraider 2x)

Weapon[R]: Assassin cross oriental crit sword/Legendary sinX crit sword(abysmal knight,baphomet,dracula,sniper cecil)/(abysmal knight 2x,Tg,Vrandgris)/(abysmal knight 2x,mobster 2x)

Weapon[L]: Loki cursed blades/Legendary sinX blade(abysmal knight 2x,the paper 2x)/(abysmal knight 2x,mobster 2x)/(abysmal 2x,Tg 2x)

Garment: Fking cloak(green maiden 2x)/(whisper,noxious)/(green maiden,noxious)

Footgear: Fking shoe(cursed sinX rune 2x)/(fbh,GEC)/(fbh 2x)

Accessories: STR gauntlet/STR belt/Loki seal/STR curse(ifrit 2x)/(str rune 2x)



NOTES: Don't worry about having no shield at all, when facing any MVP(since this build is gonna be a full-burst str killer sinX MVP type :3). Unless facing golden thief bug, ifrit[the reflex is hurtin (^=,=^)x9999 ]




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虚 ホロウ 一護=>=>shirosaki=>=>
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