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Febuary 20 Change Log

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  • New Valkyrie Expansion Headgears
    1. Rainbow Valkyrie Feather
    2. Reindeer Hat
    3. Poseidon's Headphones
    4. Angelic Headphones
  • New Ship Captain Hat Variant
    1. Crescent Samurai Helm
    2. Red Hip Hop Hoodie
  • New Specialty Headgears
    1. Samurai Helmet
    2. Pilipinas Cap
    3. Tobi Mask
  • Added Zodiac Master NPC(turbo_room 126 97)
    Donation Zodiac Aura can now be converted to a Limited Edition Zodiac Aura using 170 Dragonist Token.
    Limited Edition Zodiac Aura Stats: All Stats +33, Max HP +5%, Increase damage to Demihumans by 4%
  • Disabled skill Provoke, Self Provoke, Lex Aeterna, and Mind Break during fRO's Strongest hour
  • Hurricane Aura can now be redeemed in Token Trader NPC using 40 Battle Royale Token, 1 Imperial Token, and 100 Dragonist Token
  • Disabled PK in Seed Room
  • Fixed Maroon Yin Yang Aura giving incorrect Max HP stats
  • Added option to select colors of Bakonawa Headgear in Token Shop
  • Fixed item number of Pink Sheep Hat and Snow Bear Hood
  • Added Card Art for Eleanor, Eira, and Lune Card
  • Forsaken City Normal Map is enabled
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