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October 28 Change Log

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  • The Lost Village is now enabled
  • New Halloween loading screen
  • Fcity is in Halloween theme
  • New Limited Edition Halloween Headgears
  • New Halloween Quest Headgears
  • Whitesmith Black Oriental Sword and Thor's Hammer adjustment. Reduced both HP bonus to 20%
  • Non-Donation Ring and Weapons adjusted accordingly
  • Stalker Bjorn's Blade HP bonus is now 25%
  • Stalker Guardian Ring Variants adjustment


Str +30, Agi +15, Max HP +25%, Max SP +10%, Atk +10%, Walking speed +15%, HIT +100
Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5%
Increase damage of Melee Physical Attacks by 50%

  • Stalker Dragonist Armor skill is changed to Warm Wind level 4
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