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November 30th Changelog

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  • Added Christmas Village
  • Reduced requirements for non-donation Dragonist Armor significantly.
  • MvP Lootboxes now drop at 0.10% (0.20% during floating rates)
  • Shadow Leap readded to fcity.
  • Shadow Leap now has a significantly higher after act delay.
  • New PvP Ladder Rules announced.
  • Reduced the Battlegrounds faction change cooldown to 10 minutes.
  • Added White Emperor Headband.
  • Fly Infection, Egg Collector, Wicked Event, and the Treasure Hunting events now give GMs a lot more control to customize them.
  • Players can no longer vend in poring_w01
  • Forsaken City is now switched to Christmas theme.
  • New login screen.
  • Fixed typo in the Valkyrie Weapon redemption ticket.
  • Updated description of all Halloween Event Items.
  • PvP Hunter Tokens can now be redeemed from the token exchanger.
  • Battlegrounds faction assignment has now been reworked so you have to be reassigned a side every 12 hours.
  • Fixed issue with Pumpkin King Cake missing the int bonuses.

Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!

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