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Introducing the Forsaken Lair, Volund the Smith, 1v1 event, and more!

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Forsaken Lair

Introducing a brand new custom dungeon for Guilds. In order to get into the Forsaken Lair each guild willing to go inside will

need to pay 1.000 forsaken tokens to get access to the dungeon FOR ONE WEEK.

There's 4 different maps where you can hunt monsters, farm Forsaken Lair tokens and find some new MvPs inside.


Fight Night

"1v1 me for account" is now easier to settle with our new event Fight Night, this is simple,

a small map where two players will be able to duel to death while everyone else is watching!


Volund the Smith


This new NPC will let you trade in your extra Valkyrie weapons and Infernal Capes for extra stats for your WHOLE ACCOUNT

Valk weapons

Tier 1: 2% ATK / MATK
Tier 2: 4% ATK / MATK
Tier 3: 6% ATK / MATK


Tier 1: 3% MAX HP
Tier 2: 6% MAX HP
Tier 3: 10% MAX HP

New Monthly Collectibles


Six new monthly collectibles are now available in the Tokenshop:
Popcorn Hair, Cat ears of Love, Peony Ornament, Sakura Mermaid, Anniversary Hat and Strike Captain
Available for a limited time only, so get them before they're gone!


Tokenshop Sales


60$ for 3 Valkyrie Weapons!
Available in the Tokenshop for a limited time only.



Choose up to 6 books for 80$!
Available in the Tokenshop for a limited time only.



  • Removed pvp tokens and books as reward for BG. Left pvp tokens in KVM only.
  • Reduced skill delay on Professor's Fire/Cold/Lightning bolts.
  • Fixed a bug where you'd get double rewards in Tierra Valley.
  • Cant Backslide in Flavius/Tierra anymore.
  • Disabled the following reduction items for Professor class All feather beret colors, Legendary SGW, Grand Peco Hairband, Fluffy Wings, Improved elephant hat , Eidelic Wings, Ghostring hat Refined Devi hat, Combat Knife ,Sacred Wings, Laughing poo poo hat, Improved Poring tower hat.
  • KVM pvp token price went from 45 KVM tokens to 65 KVM tokens.
  • Stalker Cursed ring and its variants: Increase matk% from 15% to 25%  Non-Donation: Increase matk% from 10% to 15%.
  • Stalker Blessed ring and its variants: Increase 10% ranged damage
  • Taekwon Cursed ring: Reduce Tornado kick damage from 350% to 275%
  • Star Gladiator Guardian Ring: Increased Counter Kick damage from 100% to 175%    Non Donation: Decrease Counter Kick damage from 175% to 100%



Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes.
Thanks to Tenjin for testing and coming up with fixes.
Thanks to Moogle for testing and coming up with fixes.
Thanks to Moon for the login screen.
Coding and fixes by Genesis.

And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!

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Godly update as always, more powee Fro ❤️

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