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To revive to the classes Gypsy and clown, returning to work 3 kiel cards

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The targeted nerf in Clown/ and gyspy was violent to the gameplay for both classes disproportionately.

The nerf about MaxHP in Rings and DA, its  up until, because the class can have option to tank more with less HP.
But The nerf to work only two kiel with Clown adn Gypsy its unfair, because all class can use and one only what cannot.
Second: the reasons what make coma a lot not is acceptable, because with 3 kiel have WOE and BG what the play no have time to use some tarot, still more coma.
Now be impossible play with gypsy and clown main and have a fair dispute.
First argument: The Tarot Chance (if u see the skill) is only of 40%. So, you can use 4 or 5 times and the skill dont work, because sometimes not have so luck to hit the tarot.
Second argument: If hit the tarot fate, The more chance is use the cards with low effect: 13/14. ( 4/10 x 13/14 = 0,4 x  0,9285714285714286 = 0,3714285714285714 = 37,14%)
The chance of card coma is 1/14 (one about 14 card possibles), so the game make the balance with the chances of cards. ( the chance of coma  is 4/10  x 1/14 = 0,4 x 0,0714285714285714 = 0,0285714285714286 = 2,85% of chance of coma)
Third argument: The chance what before be low of one chance of kill somebody solo game pvp using 3 kiel, now with only two cards kiel working with gypsy and clown, the pvp gameplay be unfair and be impossible  have some chance of solo some player.
The nerf only in one char leave the Job Class Gypsy and Clown dead, and kill the gameplay of the chars in  WOE and PVP, leave the dispute unfair and predictable.
My suggestion is per less come back to work 3 kiel in Gypsy and Clown,
since nerfs in MaxHP are enough to make the character more balanced.
Now with the two class (gypsy and clown) what is counter of Palladin  be dead, the palladin no have more counter and the game be unfair and disproportionate.
The total chance of make some card of tarot is 39,99%.


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It wasn't violent, it was a nerf that should have happened years ago. It's a toxic play-style that cripples other players with no room for counter-play whatsoever.

1. Half Atk for 30 seconds
2. Half Matk for 30 seconds
3. Atk, Matk, Flee, Hit, DEF -20% for 30 seconds
4. Removes all buffs (dispell through GTB)
5. Randomly cause the effect of two other tarot cards
6. Target it stunned for 5 seconds
7. Coma

Half of the cards available in Tarot are extremely crippling especially in a high-rate scenario where clowns had -90% after-cast delay and were able to spam it as such a speed that leaves no room for counter-play. Tarot in its current state is perfectly fine and exactly where it should be. It's not the only thing clown/gypsies have to offer and don't see why every other play-style offered by the two classes and their respective rings have been written off by you (calling the classes dead). I haven't exactly noticed clowns/gypsies have much trouble after the MaxHP and damage nerfs to the Guardian Ring but maybe you can elaborate on that seeing as I don't main those classes, maybe they do need a slight buff, but you'll need to further expand on that as you've solely focused on talking about Tarot in your initial post.

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You only can talk about gypsy/clown who play with this job class.
Who no play cannot talk about this, because dont play to stend the gameplay of the chars Gypsy/Clown.
I want see if the nerf is in all char what only can use only 2 kiel, if the guys think this cool.
Make this in all char if is fair.

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The 2 Kiel Nerf applied to clowns and gypsies only affects tarot. You don't need more than 2 Kiels for Arrow Vulcan and Melody Strike is ASPD-reliant. I don't see how you possibly think capping a max of 2 Kiels across every class is reasonable. Sorry to stick it to you but the play-style you've become reliant on is most likely never making it back into the game, and I'd be surprised if that wasn't true. There's a reason why many mid/high-rates nerf tarot in one way or another due to how crippling it can be.

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