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M.s Chen

Pls help for perfect dodge build

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@M.s Chen

For stat build:(fun-teaser pd non offensive type)

Agi:*195 aspd*

Dex:*exactly 150*(not necessary for addin this, coz u just need to pd any melee hit incoming-ranged hit job class still hits u coz of super high hit rate :3-

Luk:290+10(exact 300 is the best choice)

For eqs:

1. Just input any +Luk/increase Luk by %(even +agi eqs useful too-just incase emergency-)

2. For gaunts: LUK gauntet preferred

3. Weapon choice: dual fortune knife at both hands(This server have its custom stat for it-try to explore urself- :p)

4. Slot-in whatever +Luk cards 

5. MUST use For -king- set for the best output of ur pd build ❤️

Have fun with this suggestions-yorokobe-



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Complete troll PD build equips:


Upper: Helm of Hermes [Isilla cards]

Mid: Aurora of Love / or any aura if u can't afford that. [Isilla card]

Lower: Transparent wings

Weapon: Fortune Sword

Armors: Vote King Armor [Orc Lords. Lul]

               Vote King Cloak [Choco cards]

               Vote King Boots [Fox cards]

               Vote King Shield [GTB]

Accessory: Rosary[Yoyo cards]


Agi: 300

Luk: until desired PD with all complete equips mentioned above, 100 PD is the best.

The rest up to you.

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