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Suggestion for Rune of Power

Rune of Power Transparency  

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  1. 1. Transparency of Rune of Power

    • I like it the way it is in game right now.
    • I like it the way it is in Tokenshop, with no transparency
    • I want it to be something in between option 1 and 2

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Several members of the community wanted Rune of Power to look a little bit more solid.

Pros in my opinion is that it looks pretty epic with the solid color, the only downside is that this aura is very big, might block a little bit too much and could potentially be annoying to the eye.



Cast your votes, I'll change it the way you guys want it and show you results here and in Discord.

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honestly speaking not all ROP colors are good in solid or not all looks good in transparent ........ so for now for me THOSE colors in tokenshop that are solid looks awesome and would like it that way or a bit that way is fine THEN the rest just leave it as is no need to change all colors .... so yah prob case to case basis - some colors looks better being solid some being transparent thats it

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The ROP's right now, were eye-catching ❤️

For bright colors-try fix it to not so invisible type pigment. If can ^^

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