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I'm just a struggling Ferret who happens to be a Stalker

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I'm curious how good Stalker was before. I heard now Stalker isn't viable in most situation. Even after following the proper stat build and got some decent equip, I still find my Stalker lacking in so many ways. Is it because I need either the Stalker Soaring Bow/ Bjorn's Blade + Blessed/ Guardian Ring to be viable? Please help. Thank you!

My current equip:

Armors - Vote Forsaken King Set

Weapon - Legendary Stalker Bow

Arrows/ Ammos - Legendary Arrows

Accessories - Legendary DEX Gauntlet

Cards - GR+Tao, 2 Skoll/ 2 Raydric, 2 FBH, GTB/ Uskakoring, 1 Randgris + 3 TG/ 1 Incan + 3 TG

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Stalker before is not really High damage dealer before, they had this Demi-human reduction on their bow which makes em flexible.
But it was removed due people forums suggested to removed it tho i don't see the point why, they don't even do damage. o wells its impossible put it back now coz of blessed accessories and some other stuff

And yes, You need proper equips to deal a good damage. Let's say for Bow type, you'll be need atleast Freyr's Gauntlet, Bless Ring, Soaring Bird.
As for Guardian build, You'll be needing Guarding Ring, Bjorn Sword , Loki's Seal/Cursed STR, 3x amdarais/Bijou card

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FAS and crit go well together. Double strafe and Dex go well together. 


If you're using a crit build don't use a samurai card because crit ignores defense. If you're using a Dex build I'd suggest you use a samurai card. 

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@dadron3If I go Crit I'll sacrifice max HP. But if I go Crit I wont need Incantation Samurai Card... Hmmm... This is a tough one. Will see the total damage of my basic attack and Double Strafe after I get Stalker Soaring Bow and 2 Freyr's Gauntlet. If more DEX gets me even higher damage output then I wont need to build Crit too much but if low prolly try Crit build with 2 Ifrit Cards and see how much that makes.

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