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Some Suggestions.. Thanks

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13 hours ago, ryrick0822 said:

hi, i'd like to ask if its possible to extend the time before drops disappear because it is kinda frustrating that after killing a MVP they vanish instantly..




also can we have a NPC that fills your inventory with pet items? ?


for inventory just use @storage command. ?

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There's a whole bunch of commands you have at your disposal on fRO. Here are a few useful commands for mvping, etc.

@autoloot = Will autoloot everything you kill.

@ali = Autoloot a specific item (you need to put in the ID number for the item or the item name.)

@whodrops = Type in the item name after, it'll show you who drops the item with %.

@whereis = Type the monster name after, it'll show you where the monster spawns, etc.

@ii = add the item name after or the approximate item name after and it'll show you all the available items by that name w/ their ID.

I don't believe there's a way to ali 3 specific items at a time. I believe it works for only one item at a time. Could be wrong.

Good luck and welcome!

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3 minutes ago, ryrick0822 said:

It's just a suggestion. no need to be angry. I'm not forcing anyone to implement it.. brrruuuuuuuhhhhhhhh......

Lmao I’m not angry. It was a joke because I’m to lazy to hunt anything and have all items in the game. Bruhhhhh ? 

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