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Quest Items and Donation items?

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Hear me out, then you can flame me all you want.

I have joined fRo for about 1 month already. I've been doing the regular quests, farming and so on. Made about 4 different characters with most of them already max gear from regular legendary quests. From there, the server is quite *Balanced*. 


Then i spoke with multiple players, asking them how i could improve my gear. People told me about Tokens used as currency for *Donated* items. I recalled reading the website of fRo before even joining it saying we could get ALL the donation items through quests in-game at 80% of their stats. This was very inviting since i don't like going into games where it's pay to win only. So after going around the place for a while i noticed there is no way to do QUESTS for EVERY donation items. Which made me doubt if i want to keep going into the server. I donated myself for trivial items like Kiel cards and TG cards too.


There are 2 problems from that point. 1 particular quest(Ring Chain Quest) and the donation items. I get it, you need support to make the server going forward. The problem about those is, this is pure lying when you say you can quest and gain those non-donated items that you could donate for them. (IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO PROVE ME WRONG AND SAY LOCATIONS OF THOSE QUESTS I'M WILLING TO HEAR THEM)


The Chain quest now. I'm already stuck at the first part of the chain quest where you need 9 of multiple items. But the most painful and stupid one is the Spiritual Whispers. I didn't even try to farm for the rest since i'm prolly going to abandon doing it. TWO monsters, a WHOLE server farming them. Let me point out the flaw again. TWOOOOOO monsters, a WHOOOOOOOOLE server farming them. How the hell are we supposed to get a quest done if we are stuck at the VERY beginning?


OK! Now my proposition to those 2 problems.


The donation items at 80%. Make quests for those items. Plain simple. You say you have quests to obtain them through quests? So make it happen!


The quest items! They are QUEST ITEMS. There should NEVER BE A PROBLEM getting quest items. This is the very foundation of MMO's questing. A mob drop items when you are actually doing it. I get it, they are valuable for trading. But the prices are too high for new players, hell even older players. My solution? Make more spawns of those monsters and reduce their spawn timer. Why would griphons and bloody knights have more spawns and lower time to respawn than those valkyries? This doesn't make any sense. Don't like this solution? Make them drop only if you are DOING the quest! You reached 9? No more drops!


I'm a gaming programmer(indie) and there are so many solutions you can use to make this game so much more balanced and fun to EVERYONE. Donators or Questers!


Don't get me wrong, i like the server. Let's make it more nice for everyone.


PS: 1 Month, got 2 Spiritual Whispers.


There Flame me now! 

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Hi, glad to hear that you are liking the server. My advice to you for now, get some friends. It'll help you in the long run.

So here's the thing, no one is lying here. The main storyline quest, Fate of the god ep 1 (Frigg shield quest), ep 2(blessed and cursed ring lower headgear), ep 2.5(guardian ring lower headgear) and ep 3(the latest, for accessories) has both the donation and non donation counterpart where at the end of each quest, you will decide to pick between those two options. 

For example, the Frigg shield quest.

To get Frigg king shield (donate), you need to handover 2 of Forsaken King shield (obtainable via tokenshop or Forsaken King room in forsaken city) whereas the non donation shield, Frigg Knight shield need to handover 2 of Forsaken Knight Shield (given at the end of Forsaken Knight quest) at the end of the quest.

The same goes for the ring quest,

There are two options you can choose: 

Say that I'm making cursed ring, my options are,

1. Donation Cursed Ring requires:
1 Infernal Cape of the corresponding class (if I'm making sniper cursed it must be infernal sniper cape/variants)

2. Non-donation Cursed Ring requires:
one quest poring, poporing, and drops rucksack each and one quest RAW. (These 4 items are gain through quests in game)

The guides for both donation and non donation are the same. Only at the end of the quest (the last npc) differ where you give donation item for full stat item or non donation for 80% stats item.

Side note, donating isn't the only way to get these donation items. I bet you now aware that tokens are the main currency to exchange item in game between players. Work for these tokens either by selling zenies, farming stuff for people or hunting MVP and sell the cards. When you have enough tokens you can buy the donation item that you need from other players.

Regarding the spiritual whispers. These quests are meant to be hard to be done. Can't expect everything to be spoon fed to us.  Competing for the materials also one of the challenges in order to complete the quest. Some people play extra hours just to get the SWs. I know not everyone has the time to spend to play 24/7 but disregarding the peoples who gives extra efforts won't do them justice if you simply asked to make stuff easier. So no to more and faster spawns or limitation of loots cause selling rare drops also one of the way to make token in game.

Also, everything gets harder and harder the farther you go. If you think sws are ridiculous, there are materials that are even harder to get that can only be farmed via raiding where you need to form a party of people to defeat a dungeon with multiple waves of hundreds of mobs within an hour time limit with 50% or lower drop chance of the said item.

Btw I'm not here to discouraging or flaming you. Just a heads up of whats more to come. I hope I cleared some thing for you ?


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12 hours ago, Oxtarius said:

But the prices are too high for new players, hell even older players.

Regarding the Spiritual Whispers. @qperteplex is correct. The prices are so high atm because of the new quest released, the demand is high. There was a time these SW are just around 2-3 toks. Few months from now, prices will drop when the demand gets low.

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