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We are Kings yet to be Crowned ~ Let thy power prove that we are the TRUE KINGS !!

Uncrowned Kings recruiting newbies   @go 11   for invite ~ 
- We do MVP hunt
- Give FARM jobs
- Guide newbies give tips for those who's lost !!
- Can solo Raids
- Leader is retarded anything goes LOL
- Guild Events (random)

ღ RULES ღ :

✦ Respect others specially guildmates, other than that you can play however you want since want we wont force you to do anything ,  btw this includes sexual/abusive remarks lol (dont go overboard).
✦ Ask if you got questions and we'll answer
✦ Fights between members will be handled by officers/guild master ♡
✦ Fights outside guild - if your innocent feel free to fight back we'll gladly help you , but if your NOT innocent then we'll still help but prepare to get ur ass kick hahaha (take responsibility)
✦ Selling/Trading among members is allowed BUT strictly no borrowing of gears to avoid scams ... if you lend it then GIVE IT LOL

❅Final Remarks ❅ :

✦ You can pk others but never a guildmate
✦ You should always respect and be buddies with guildmates
✦ If u didnt like something , say so in a good manner so we can sort things out - if u hide it we wont know it lol
✦ Keep your promises
✦ Be there for others so that they will also be there for you





Some of us weird and leader want to sell your kidneys BUT as long as your TRUE and show RESPECT you'll fit right in !! be part of our small ever growing family ~ and live in the moment !!



Motto : Just play whenever u can and do anythings that's fun ~ Enjoy NO stress YOLO !!



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