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Zeny Converter

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Zeny to Token converter npc isnt a good idea. Token is a donation item, and from donations, we can help fund the server. Another thing is, it might cause token inflation that will wreck the market. Tons of zeny farmers out there that will inflate the market, and who knows, some might be botting when farming. Although we have gepard, but who knows.

On the other hand, pvp room for each class sounds good to me. This could be another way of obtaining pvp tokens (this can support this suggestion

This could have its own laddering system. Say, rank 1-3 of each class. Pvp token prizes, of course should be smaller than the standard pvp ladder. I think this might help encourage other players to participate in pvp. Like, "who's the rank 1 champ?" Or "who's the rank 1 ninja?" Those little hypes can attract more pvp-ers.

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