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(You right now: SO PINK!)

Sorry! its the color of the porings!

There you go!

My name its MistressKill, mostly known as MiKi! Others calls me the emperess of the Ings (porings,poporings, develings,etc) because i love them, buuut that's another story!

Im a girl, yes, of uhh....an age? (between 16-20, if you win, you will have a chocolate!). From chile, very friendly and likes hugs! I used to play this game in 2008 i think? And i feel very...very....noob (? *laughs*  Oppsie!

My interests are drawing and writing stories, i am acually planifying a Ragnarok online story but since im a biiit shy with them aaand english its not my first language, im affraid to write it. I also love to Roleplay, yes, roleplay. But its hard to see roleplay in a server where are PK and likes to K.O me...ahahaha...*sweatdrops* Still hoping for a RP guild someday, but... Urgh. Lets continue!

Other interest i have are anime and manga, and videogames of course. Fave Genre of videogames are MMORPG as i am actually playing Forsaken RO, Archeage and Rift. I also LOOVE music! And 'crack videos of anime', you know, those one that makes you laugh with scenes and all! ...No?...No? you d-dont get me?...oh...uhh...Oops



My favourite class that i play are high Priest, second one being High Wizard. The class i love most of the game but i dont know how to play it and i will always admire those players are the Assassin Cross one (i love them *heart*), following the champions! I have 3 characters right now who i also write abut them aand also RolePlay with them, but since i guess Roleplaying its not so popular here, then its not a bother, ehehe. Those are:

SaikaTheCaster (Saika/ H. Wizard)
*Crystal* (Crystal/ H. Priest)
and RoseShot (Rose/ Gunslinger) for now, lots of them comming soon!


Anyways, i think that's all from me that i can say now! Feel free to PM me or whatever if you wanna talk!

See ya, Porings to all! *gives you porings and leaves*


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