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Shadow Slash Help anyone?

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here are my thoughts.

its similar to Focused Arrow Strike, it needs almost 100 crit(the skill already adds 50 crit). so 2tg 2paper card combo.

it is based on Attack, so its gonna be Str Build. 

boost the physical dmg. 2x fbh LHZ.

and get the guardian ninja Ring(250% shadow slash) and nerthus shuriken(40% shadow slash).

I havent actually tried it, so i will be happy to witness its power.

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i still dont know the combo is ... the Vanishing slash and Shadow slash combo seems to be a decent combo when i try it(Not on player tho). it has a decent speed on casting. but when i use smokie its kinda slow Hide and Shadow slash(Like you said its like FAS so its need dps I tried the dmg and it also has the same amount of dmg to player except its slow). 1 more thing is Vanishing slash(/hide) is canceled due to reflect dmg of other player like friggs. so vanishing slash is kinda useless.

I'm still experementing with it tho.

Any Suggestion guys?


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due to friggs reflecting every melee physical attack, the vanishing slash is useless.

its decent for non-woe. since u just Hide then Shadow slash which takes alot of time to practice.

for WOE, you need to be standing 1~2 cells from the target. Your ninja will not move once you casted shadow slash.

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if u spam good in shadow leap. you'll do just great in Shadow Slash.

th0 compared to other jobs like Sniper LK GS, Shadow Slash is way slower. 

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