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Guild Recruiting.

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Hello fellow players of the Forsaken ragnarok server.
I have recently created a guild called - Royal Noobs.
However not everyone in this guild is a noob, the guild name stands to let other players know that Just because you maybe what they class as a "noob" Does not mean youre any less of a good player than they are.
And with thus, I invite you to join said guild.

I shall explain alittle:

The Reason behind the name is because when i was starting off in this server I was already quite good at ragnarok.
Granted i didn't have the gear but i would still win vs the people around the same gear level as me.
I eventually grew and got my gear up and i started to pvp more and so on, Thus. I became a royal noob.

I don't care if youre new, Old, Geared or ungeared. The guild itself is there for everyone and all.
No matter where you're from. I'm not racist, sexist or anything like that.
all i ask if you keep it respectful to yourself and others around you.
I will help you with quests/pvp/mvps etc.
If youre interested, you can reply on here, Message me directly via the fourms
Or Pm me in game - Millie/Skylia

Any hate etc that is posted on this thread will be taken serious.

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-- Update; I've recently decided to use my sinx for breaking (Woe) But all still applys, You dont have to take part in woe, However if you do and we get a castle you get paid salary^.^!

- Atm it's just @go 23

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