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Newbie Guide 101

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Newbie Guide 101

Are you lost?

Thinking of what you'll do next after reaching 255/255?

YOU have come to the right place!

This is a compilation of guides that will help the newbies start with their ForsakenRO Adventure!

:th_meow: Let's start! :th_meow:

Haven't started playing yet? Then check this link to look for answers on how to play ForsakenRO!



I am experiencing a technical issue and have also experienced bugs

What do I need to do!?

First of all, you should calm down, and second, you can check this thread for possible solutions to your problem


If your problem still persists, then better post it on the Help Desk or file a ticket on the Ticket center



Okay I am now playing ForsakenRO! Yay! But what is zeny?

And I receive this kind of token every hour, what is a token?

Before that, Welcome to ForsakenRO! Make sure to introduce yourself in the forums! We'd love to meet new people!


Anways, here is a guide explaining what zennies and the different tokens are and what they are used for


Here is a more detailed guide about tokens



I am just wondering, what are the Rules and Regulations for the server?

This link will show you the Rules for our server, remember to always follow the rules

or else there will be consequences



I am at novice02 and has already reached job level 10, where do I go then?

type @go 25, to go to the main town, which is called the Forsaken City.

Here is a guide where you can find specific NPCs in the Forsaken City.


You can already change your job at job level 10


I don't know what job I want to be! I am not familiar with any of them!

Here is a Guide that I made to help you familiarize yourself with the jobs in Ragnarok



I don't know where to level up! Help me please!

Here is a guide with tips on how to level up faster

Don't forget to use your Veracity's Magical Cookie! It will give you 30% more experience points for 1 hour!



Okay! my character is now on its max level, what do I do next?

There are many things you can do after reaching the maximum level.

Please refer to this Guide


Before you can do those quests, you'll need to be a forsaken knight first!

This is the guide that will help you finish the Forsaken Knight Quest



Where can I vote for points? And how do I buy items using my vote points?

You can vote for points in the Control Panel, and you can buy items by clicking the Purchase button



Wow! The effects of the headgears are great! But I don't know if my character will look good on them

How do I know the appearance of the headgears?

You can check this link for the sprites of some the Vote Headgears



I am now a Forsaken Knight, where can I find the NPCs for those quests?

You can find them in the Knight Temple, type @warp fcity 117 163, then go inside.

There will be many quest NPCs there, just pick whatever you think looks better for your character

Here are the guides for a few of the quests there

Legendary Weapon Quest



Legendary Quests


Legendary Gauntlet Quest

(note: You will only receive one Gauntlet after doing this quest)


Legendary Zodiac Aurora Quest


Legendary Avian Wing Quest


Legendary Sacred Wing Quest



Can you teach me a build for my job? I have no idea on how to make my character stronger

We have a compilation of Job Guides that is made none other than the players from our community!

Isn't that great! Everyone is willing to help you with your build!


Make sure to thank them! :th_ok:


I learned so many things! Thank you so much!

You are very much welcome! We are glad to be of help to you

Don't forget to vote for our server! and also if you have any more questions

feel free to ask us!


If any of you would like to add something, feel free to say so and I'll credit you for it :th_ok:

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