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Ninja Magic ?

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Magic Ninja / Ninjutsu Ninja / WoE build Ninja


  • str = 100 - to carry seeds and magic stones
  • agi = 195 aspd "after setting dex" - 0 cast delay will depends on your aspd
  • vit = 130 - for a lil bit HP add-on
  • int = 285 "approximately" - after setting other stats, set your int...
  • dex = 150 in total - for autocast
  • luk = 1


  1. lightning sphere of ice - use this as your main offensive
  2. flip tatami - works like pneuma but only last for 3sec "spamable"
  3. cicada skin shedding - cant block all physical atk (except for highspeed ram cart and acid bomb) up to 3 hits "also spammable"
  4. Hide - get smokie card and put it to 1slot accessory
  5. shadow leap - after hide skill, use this kill to leap in or out the battle field..
  6. crimson fire formation - works like firewall around you to prevent peps from getting near
  7. falling frozen crystal - AOE skill that has chance to frost enemy and reveal peps on clock status
  8. soul - increase str and int a bit
  9. hidden water - slow enemy on a certain AOE "useful at WoE"

optional skills:

  1. cloack - use sinx card on cloack or afk hat "use it for sneak atk"
  2. throw kunai - just incase enemy will use GTB, atleast you have someting to hit them. XD
  3. thunder storm - use piamette ears, use this skill for those who use maya shield on you.


  • upper head - vote piamette ears with kiel
  • mid head - +20 to all stats L.aura or vote aura with kiel
  • lower head - vote scarf or afk hat with kiel
  • shield - frigg/king/kinght shield with GTB
  • weapon - L.shuriken with 4kingring and extra L.shuriken with 1inca+2TG+1skel worker
  • armor - GR+tao / GR+RSX "if you have no fcper"
  • cloack - 2x noxious / sinx card+noxious
  • boots - 2x FBH
  • accessory - 1slot earing with smokie and 1 L.int gount "if you have cloacking skill, you may use 2 L.int gounts"

this is my lil knowledge about magic ninja... i hope it might help you. good luck and have fun!!!

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