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Ninja Final Strike + Throw Shuriken Guide

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hi martin..

throw type ninja is a str type

final strike is a vit type..

if u want to b more on fs u must focus ur vit than str..

but i guest fs is not so effective on this server since ninjas has low hp.. most ninja users are throw types..

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idk about FS build ninja... i know only know throw kunai build... and here how it goes..


str - 285 atleast

dex - as long as you can reach 405 hit

agi - set agi to 195 aspd after setting dex

int - till you have 400 sp with 2 fbh

vit - put the rest to vit

luk - "no need luk"


upper - 2 slot head gear with kiel+f.soldier

mid - any +20 aura with kiel

lower - L.rucksack or vote scarf with kiel

armor - gr+tao or 2tao

weapon - L.shuriken with 1inca+2TG+1skel worker

shield - prepair 3 shield with usakoring/maya/GTB

cloack - sinx card + hollowring

boots - 2 fbh

accessoriess - 2 L.str gounts

ammo - any elemented kunai

catalyst - prepare elemented ninja stones for some certain skills


throw kunai - your basic offense

cicada skin shading - your basic survival kit

flip tatami - work like pneuma but only works on a short period of time

soul - add bonus str and damage

crimson fire formation - works like firewall that surounds you preventing short range enemy to get close

falling ice - to detect cloacking enemies by smashing an ice to them

hidden water - slow enemy at a given aoe

cloacking - you must have sinx card... for you to sneak on the enemies...

these are my limited knowledge regarding ninjas... hope it might help you..

posting a guide for this job wont help much...you need to practice you ninja coz theres too much of keys to be pressed..

good luck.. XD

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yeah i see it on my topic..

but if he already tyrs and thana.. its better to put it on lwep or another tyrs for shifting..

thana sucks with scols.. so it necesary to have another wep to be shift to counter scol user char.. such as snipers do.. since throw kunai ninjas are range.

another sugestion. if u have thana and u know that ur oponent are not using scol. cast illusionary and cicada on.. and spam final strike. or maybe u can hit them with 1 strike depends on ther def. always pres berry quikly after strike on fs.. to be more efficient have a double tao on ur armor for more damage of fs. gr are not so necesary to ninjas since they can easily avoid physical attacks.. exept for the merchant class they are made to be ninjas weakness.

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throw shuriken is base on str.

while fs damage are base on hp so it is vit..

i suggest 300 vit. and boost ur str depends on stat left if u want a fs throw high breed..

dex to 150

no nid int

no nid 195 attck speed.

and no nid luck

dats just for my opinion

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