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Found 14 results

  1. Pm..... Smaragos for your offer ^_^
  2. I want to buy that weapon... leave offers. My Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  3. Why isn't there a Valkyrie Katar weapon? And why is the Legendary Assassin cross Katar weak as compared with other legendary weapons? Will the Forsaken RO admin add one in the future or improve the capabilities of the Legendary Katar? Thanks!
  4. Tired of broadcasting? spending lots of zenny just for buying legendary weapons? and no one sells it for your price range? or Trading your weapons into another weapon but no player wants it? well, your'e in the right place bud! Hurry and Grab one of my offers! If Interested Just Leave your IGN ( in game name ) ill be the one to PM you. •All Weapons will be ready after 5 hrs (Regular Work Time) •Weapons price will be 35 Tokens FIX "OR" 30 we'll make a deal of the requirements needed and you will be the one to make it. •35 tokens for the Regular Work Time | 40 will be for Rush Weapons (Instant) • A total of 10 tokens will be for down payment before the making of the weapon to avoid Frauds,Scammers,Trips or you can leave and Comment here your order and IGN. •Once your item is done, i will be the one to broadcast your name. ************************************************************* •Also Accepting Trades, Weapons to Weapons or Weapons to Tokens. Ready to sell: L.wep for Wiz L.wep for Snip
  5. Just wondering why there isn't a Star Gladiator L.Wep. I think it would be a nice addition, also something a little refreshing. I don't think SG's wear weapons naturally because you actually do more damage w/o them? but maybe GM could add an effect where it makes it actually beneficial :) Status: Posted on: *Planned to be Edited to be more specific, currently researching possible effect* ~ APRIL 1 2014 ~ *Add some missing information and revise weapon* ~ APRIL 16 2014 ~ Legendary Star Gladiators' Fists [4] Atk: 200 Weight: 100 STR + 20 [between LK's + 15 and WS +25] At least a benchmark stat buff so we have a. balance with the other str dmg based characters b. SGs' could definetly use some more STR. I'm thinking of maybe raising a little bit so...[insert damages] DEX + 10 [helps with reaching insta-cast] ASPD + 5% - 10% [letting us not be as squishy so we can put more focus on possible + VIT] Hit + 100 [inspired from mutilixus' post: same thing with ASPD so we can focus less points on DEX to have a little bit more VIT] Max HP% + 25% [increases to + 35% when Union is active] With the +VIT available I think this could keep SG from having too much HP compared to other Jobs. +10% dmg to Demi-Humans when Feelings are NOT active. Possible reduce to 5% when active. [so there can be a direct race dmg buff but no over stacking problems ^^] -4% vit def when Union is active. Increase damage with Tornado Kick, Knee Drop, Roundhouse, Counter Kick by 5%. Enables Auto-cast Lvl. 1 Pneuma when receiving physical attacks. [inspired from mutilixus' post] When hitting something after Running [skill] such as another character, the stumbling animation doesn't play, instead just stop like a normal walking animation. Just a thought, helps with buying SG a little more time during PvP to cast Flying Kick or get away when needed. Buffs the Competition against Champ Snap and SinX Back Slide. Because there have been weird occurrences with Feeling in the past. A possible, enables use of WS skill Weapon Perfection when feelings are not Active, could give a similar damage to monster size buff.
  6. hi im new here just joining the server couple of days ago i have been working for this legendary quest since 2 days ago, after looking the quest section in the fken site so far before step 23 i had no problem , but after i warp to master forging(step 23) , all those items and zeny received from knight master (step 22) is gone. for refence please check the quest http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=134st=25#commentsStart i have no more idea what to do, pm-ing people around, pm-ing GM from to bottom list, looking the site and google. i still have no lead. not even a single entity came to my aid. so i end up in this forum. what should i do now?? i have come this far, i wish i could get back all those reward. you like for a second when u received unexpected reward of of 100m, u feel like wow and after second while warping, they all gone. feel like crap. if anyone also had the same idea, opinion, idea whatsover please share and help thankx!! [im still waiting for GM in game to reply now]
  7. Yep, I'm looking to buy a Legendary Whitesmith Hammer for 20 tokens. Leave a reply, forum PM, or in-game PM.
  8. I completed the thief part, spoke to the king and he asked me to share zeny with the citizens. But I was able to share zeny only with the first citizen. The second citizen provides no option for lending him zeny. Also, when I go back to the king, he is talking about the thief part again. Could anyone or any GM help me with this?
  9. Someone who kindly, i need help I'm begining on legendary weapon quest, first I talked to forsaken knight master, then I tried to gather the items. Now it's done, but when I tried to talked to librarian girl nothing happen. So I need someone who guide or help me, thx so much, note : before I running legendary weapon quest, I remember I've already talked to librarian girl. I don't know, is it take effect or not.
  10. hi im new here just joining the server couple of days agoi have been working for this legendary quest since 2 days ago, after looking the quest section in the fken siteso far before step 23 i had no problem , but after i warp to master forging(step 23) , all those items and zeny received from knight master (step 22) is gone.for refence please check the questhttp://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=1&record=134st=25#commentsStart sorry i got problem with my firefox and do double post. this one is not a complete post. how to delete this one? im using google chrome now
  11. so i saw Scott Pilgrim today, he's a ranker btw(3rd spot) and he we talked...talked about ranking tricks and stuff...then he said something about L.Weap for TK and i was like: "Whaaat?!" then he let me see it... i hope i didn't get ur hopes up guys... i dunno if this is still available... but it's not on the forums about L.weaps so pretty sure it's not...
  12. hey! as u all know, the Valk katar, Kitty Claws Give -10% aftercast delay. the LKatar gives no after cast delay, while Fkatar gives -5%. Seeing as how all other Legendary Weaps share a relatively same perks as Valk weaps, i think its only fair if the LKatar receives the -10% aftercast delay as well. This would make the weap more fair when compared to the others. Its like saying if Thors and Legendary Hammer can both enable cast of Pneuma, Lkatar shud be able to be used as an SB weap? like the Valk version, Kitty Claws. Just suggesting here. :D Peace.
  13. I had finish making one of legendary weapon its for Wizard and I see the difference between of two Legendary Wizard Staff stats is 20% Matk 20 Int Weight Limit lvl3 1% Chance Strip Shield Elite Wizard Staff stat is 20% Matk 20 Int 30 Str Weight Limit lvl10 10% Hp 5% Sp -5% Reduce Damage to Demi-human lvl1 Deluge lvl1 Volcano see what the different between the two Elite Staff is better than Legendary :D can you do something about this? Can you do change the Legendary Wizard Staff to 20% Matk 20 Int Weight Limit lvl5 1% Chance Strip Shield 10% Hp 5% Sp -5% Reduce Damage to Demi-human lvl1 Deluge lvl1 Volcano feel free to suggest
  14. I want to suggest to change its Effect haft of Valk Effect Current Effect: +13 Dex +13 Int +5% Arrow Vulcan Damage Enable use of Level 2 Jupitel Thunder Change to: +10% Arrow Vulcan Damage Bragis' Lute effect +20% Arrow Vulcan Damage Thx
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