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  1. it seems like the game is working when it's not on full screen mode but it's so small when it opens and i don't have option to enlarge it ?
  2. UPDATE: I tried unchecking the FULL SCREEN MODE on set up and after that there's a small box that appears. that's the little box. and when I tried hitting ENTER on my keyboard and there's a sound. I checked SET UP again and there's no option for screen size anymore any suggestions? ?
  3. Hi GM! Thank you for your help. I already did that, and it's still the same. I can only open the patcher but when I click START, it will crash. ?
  4. Hello guys! After downloading and installing the game, I was able to open the game. But right after changing the resolution on Set up, the game doesn't load anymore. I can only open the patch and when I clicked START, the game won't open. I tried to uninstall and install it again but it still doesn't work. Can someone help me with this.. PLEASE!!!!!!!
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