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  1. I would like to suggest to allow the party leader to re-enter raids like thana room at least one re enter only. because it is really hassle calling out GM and there is no GM available. raiders time are getting wasted also this will save gm's time and the broadcaster will not be abuse just shouting LF> GM. Since there is only 1 recall please put a 1 re-enter also. because the server have a random dc. Please notice my suggestion. This will help all raiders to do the raids and finish it. effort are getting to waste because of the random DC. Thank YOU
  2. The Curse of Evil Marcher Hat While I'm walking in the street and searching for my halloween custome. I saw a shop that sell antique stuffs and the evil marcher hat caught my attention and there is a voice in my head to buy this hat. I immediately bought the hat without a 2nd thought, while travelling to the venue of the halloween party. there is a guy under the tree that ask for a moment of my time and he offer me a ride to go the venue. I didn't notice that we are going somewhere else. I am suprised that I am already on a different dimension. I thought they are only in customes but they are real monsters and zombies. I just remembered what my grandmother told me about the Cursed Evil Marcher Hat . That haunts kids every halloween and take them to the Happy Land that is deserted.
  3. For 17 years of hiding it to my parents and now I am 18 they finally accept me for who I am . from cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. Feeling Happy and grateful! what ever differences that we have we still need to accept each other . LGBT <3 Thank you sis for always supporting me and dressing me up ! LGBT girl power XoXo
  4. Tribal Casino Bouncer / Security At your service ^_^
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