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  1. When I started FRO, I was a 17 year old boy, now I am 32 year old old fxxx. Time flies πŸ˜•Β Anyone from 15 years ago still around?

    1. Halion


      yeah im still playing l0l i remember playing this at 13 now im 27 haha

    2. oceanjapan


      ign Jet. ! I think I know you lol Hows it going bro

    3. Halion


      all good so far bro hahaha if you around in discord try to tag me im @t0n0

  2. What's up FRO, any old as faq players left that's still playing?

    1. Luxiana


      *dances around* β™ͺ

  3. Selling Green Angel of Ghost Mask Trade accepted Offer thanks :D
  4. Once In A Life Time to save up enough stone of sage and bought this awesome castle.
  5. Well I guess it's not that scarce anymore since maybe many people have donated for it and it become not that fresh anymore. Maybe you can buy all the skull aura in game then it will become scarce again then you can sell them for 2600 to 2800 toks like old time. But donation items like skull aura will only be cheaper since there will be more people donating for it and more skull aura in the server.
  6. It's from a quest. Summer update quest I think
  7. I love disney too! Welcome back to RO. Have fun :D
  8. Earth element works well. Seems like theres all kind of element's bacsojin lol but yeah the one in lou_dun03 and the one we summon from bloody branch is weak to earth element :)
  9. Pirate Captain hat Reduce all element damage by 20% Reduce physical demi human damage by 10% All status + 15 1 slot 500 tokens for you to take home! PM me in game if you are interested IGN: ~Killer~
  10. you play Taiwan RO? theres same name guild in taiwan RO poring server lol

  11. Ok sorry I didn't know it was such a crime to ask something that others have already asked. I will try to search maybe 10 times before I even bring up any question. Thanks for the kind links.
  12. Lol its just a suggestion, thought it would be nice. I guess you guys are all very organized unlike me haha. And thanks I didnt notice my signature was that big lol. Yeah James I havent seen you in game yet, I'll talk to you when I see you so dont run hehe.
  13. I think there's not only me who think when we have 600/600 stuff in storage, its hard to find stuff you need. So, is it possible to make a search system on storage? It's like when you open storage, at the bottom there's a place allowing you to type item's name. Something like CTRL+f tool implant into fRO storage. I don't know if it is possible but I think I saw this system somewhere in other game. It would be great and less frustrating finding the items you need. If my explanation is hard to understand then I'm sorry.
  14. Hi guys, perhaps no one knows me anymore but I am an old old player here in Forsaken RO. Life is start to chilling so i came back to play, looking for some fun stuff to do =D. Feel free to be friend with me haha, and those who know me, talk to me! That's all for now, see you guys in game, still downloading though lol
  15. May I fuck you young lady? lol


  17. I was just passing by haha. But anyways, nice to meet you, I am james. haha.

  18. I hate you for making me looked at your profile for 5 seconds lol

  19. ええっと

    γ γ‚Œγ γ£γ‘ζ±—



  20. sup, bitch bck to you XD

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