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  1. Selling this: ITENS: Symbol of a Brave Warrior x2 Mother´s Nightmarer x2 Piece of Shield x1 CARDS: Maya Purple card x4 Boss Egnigem card x1 Dopppelganger card x2 Hydrolancer card x1 Cat O' Nine Tails card x1 Taking offers on zenny, tokens, head equips or sinx weapons. OBS.: Answer here, for I always change characters
  2. I had the same problem, what was causing the freeze, was the windows pop up to allow the game to open. To make it work, just had to make it just open a regular window for the "allow" thing, and it didn´t freeze.
  3. I had some problems with running the patcher, but thanks to some topics in the forum, the patcher open a full screen game. (It used to show a small screen, like REAL small) Even so, I`m facing some problems, like the version of Ro it's running, because I played recently in another server, and the game had a new interface compared to the one I'm seeing, and I don't have shortcuts options, I'm not able to show more than one shortcut bar, and other minor details. Another problem I'm having, is that I can't change my Hunter to Ranger, the only option shown by the job change NPC is rebirth. Am I
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