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  1. Lol maybe we should try starting a poll or something. Just something to get their attention.
  2. Well the ice spear seems pretty slow when I try to use it. But the spam is normal when I try on a different server
  3. Well no shit I was implying why would you put a delay on SG when everyone was complaining about the massive damage which lead to the delay being put on the char in the first place
  4. well i main Taekwon Boy not SG...sooo goldenrings wouldnt be of use to me unless i have a 4 slot weapon. But i do think instead of putting a delay on SG why not just NERF THE DAMAGE. LIKE YOU DID FOR CHAMP
  5. considering most SG users use running and fsk as the main skill combo. That would make it useless in woe like i said before considering i cant use the running skill inside a woe castle with my Taekwon Boy. If they give SG and Taekwon Boy the same legendary weapons that they give the other classes I bet you will see a flip-side to the population of these two classes. An i know some ppl say "well this class does more damage without a weapon". I bet my damage would be equal to other players if i could use 4 Goldenring cards.
  6. Well Hopefully they read it and actually like the idea. It'll really help some new players get on their feet. Considering not everyone can win the events. An since they chose to make the currency of the game tokens. You might as well make a way for new players to get forsaken tokens.
  7. Well if they refuse to make the weapon for star gladiator then they should at least make it for taekwon boy. Even though taekwon damage is supposed to be higher without a weapon. I guarantee with a 4 slotted weapon though that taekwon damage would be almost equal to other classes. Not many people play taekwon obviously but that's no reason to punish the players that do play the class. So uphold your standard as the most balanced high rate server. An make a simple weapon for taekwon. Hell it doesn't even have to have stats on it. Just needs 4 card slots.
  8. I like the sound of that. I'm still getting used to a server with token currency lol. The daily quest would be more of a thing for newbies. An the time quest should have more of a fee since you can do that more than once a day but keep the prize for the time quest as zeny.
  9. I notice that a lot of players get bored. GVG, Battle Royal, an other events are nice and all. But having a Daily quest would just add something else to do besides the Fate of Gods Quest. The Daily quest NPC is kinda simple. The NPC gives you a quest to get 3 different items for example (600 poring cards, 700 iron, and 800 red gemstone). If you dont like the quest the npc gives you then you pay a fee of about 100mill to change it to something else. The reward for bringing the items to the npc would perhaps be a Forsaken Token. Note: You can only do the Daily Quest ONCE per day. As for the Tim
  10. cause my lighting spear skill is slow as shit
  11. Both classes pretty much need the same stats and equips. Unless u can run and use flying side kick Taekwon Boy A class that is not favored by 90% of players on Ragnarok. But if used correctly can become a really really great asset during woe. Once you become a Ranker your hp and sp will be tripled. You can spam all 4 kicks which is your main job. you will also get +100 atk if you are in a party with 10 players. (note: they have to be on the same map as you or u will only get +how many players are on map with you) You don't need scrolls or boxes cause of warm wind u have every element at ur
  12. i did and no one hasnt replied on it yet and its been a few days
  13. well my damage would be a lot higher and equal to other classes with a 4 slot weapon
  14. I know that. I'm asking can the GM change me back into a taekwon boy
  15. I just made a taekwon ring with my taekwon boy and figured i could use it for taekwon master also so i changed jobs. an i cant equip it now. so i am trying to see if there is any way to change me back into a taekwon boy so i can keep my ranker points.
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