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  1. Why pt allowed again on pvp? fucking crap that is just for pussys and gangers.... nice re-change pvp comeback to be funny...
  2. I think is time to u Gms give us B.fly auras with the new colors marron jade umber etc.... inclusive sky blue,red so can u start to think on add them to F.ro pls C: PD: create marron imp too pls :D
  3. ngas why there is no GREEN cat ears q.q there all fucking colors escept green add it pls :3
  4. i think is time for spring patch i miss see an forsaken city green :C and miss the RM tree too >< ( fix emp hp pls :3 )
  5. the hp of the emp now make woe a crap, and the fucking noob def of someguilds like rtf or osfa make more impposible break that shit and if u "+" that guilds male alliances is just a lose of time try break that castle u need all the fucking ro online to try do something and inclusive with that i think can be hard
  6. Zerling u are retarded or something? if i use mb that mean it should be more easy to me kill ppl but u can dispell me easyly and no more mb and buff and if i use gtb, omg ded................ if u think u know use of best way ur prof that is complity wrong cuz ur noob prof is only of divest-dispell-and reflec a sinx with GTB- F.sold and FCP can beat u so easyly...... so pls try be more concient about ur post
  7. i use bolt and stave crasher build both at the same time but like i said on the first and other post there is always and counter
  8. i accept that take profhighness for magic atack and 2 volupsas for stave crasher could be a solution for me but again this post talk about everyone that want use a magic class essencialy proffesor but all the prof set + 2 volupsas and thana is really easy for someone that can be starting after 6month? or 1 year? i had to spend like 9-10k tokens buying all the items and cards........
  9. Well i mean with my post about 1 on 1 cuz i this was made to every class can kill all class ( 1 per 1) but on the case of prof is always a counter for each strategy and about the stupid boy that said "stop mb and warp" i m not talking just for me, my post include the "proffesor class" not me and about that ppl say one stave crasher of 7-15k is enought i can say thatis a crap of dmg that will never be a solution
  10. Well this is the problem i use professor like pvp class so.. the other ppl generaly use gtb.... well it's ok i had accept that and resigned soome solution for that then i made an stave crasher build so it was better fuck gtb but then they use skolls ( here thana user) so... my dmg was like 300........... adding to my build i have an dagger to divest but they anyway use fcp now is my question HOW THE FUCKING HELL I CAN KILL SOMEONE ONT HIS RO WITH 1 SCHOLAR CLASS any solution? :D
  11. When will update the next patch? -.- bored of snow here
  12. we dont want Tree's everywhere just the old Tree q.q
  13. yea, form part of the history of the ro *-* PUT IT BACK!
  14. how u dont >.< hmm up of where now is the warper ... there was an great Tree >.< some years ago...
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