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    Girl,food,anime,games,friends,family,anything funny thats random and yes i'm healthy and i love to work out in college and i work :3 nuff about me what about youz?? to be honest im a noob and just would like to find some nice people on here :D i luuuuv video games

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  1. Thana price check :D never get straight answers for this lol
  2. MRrawrrawr

    S> THANA

    Leave offers here or message me :D
  3. is that 1.8 for only loki seal??
  4. Need urd earrings or at least 1500 tokz per Lokiseal
  5. lulz yeah its kinda hard tofind people to play with on here and still cant fiind out hy my damage is bad pm me or something if you don't mind me asking you noob questions :b
  6. I have thana and tyr and like 4 kielz what doe f.soldier do??
  7. hey what would help with a kunai build i have a decent equipment i think but im only doin 5g with tyr thana and 3 tg's and with thana 2tg's and inca its even lower hmm help would be appreciated :)
  8. I have a ninja and I want to go for kunai build but my damage is kinda sad help if you can plz im prett noobie\
  9. ive tried every method of donating with my chase card but none of them work whyzz? please help
  10. hmm just customized my profile okok :3

  11. sorry about that kinda forgot but that info helps uhm i think ill just be more patient :D byebye
  12. I've purchased a few donation items and filled the info out correctly but I still havent received items i received the email from alert pay showing the confirmation but no word on the items. I've bought items before but didn't have this problem mycharacter name is LOVNHATE. I really like this server though :3 plz reply when you have the time <3
  13. uhm wiould i have to start all over againz?
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