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    Stat Str: At least 50 or more. For carrying stuff like seeds, holy water, switching items. Agi: This stat isn't that important to a support priest. Vit: Primarily stat that would consider as a support priest. You need a highly HP so that you cant die easily. Int: As long as you have more than enough sp to cast skills even you are 50x weight Dex: exactly 150. To be able instant cast. Luk: Isn't important. (no need to add) Gears Headgear Hats that can give you more vit or hp. Mostly, players use: Upper: Forsaken Valkyrie helm | Knight's helm |Halloween hat items (eg. Midas Whisper, Skull cup) Middle: Emperium aurora any auras Lower: Blessed ring | Balloon | Scarf Cards: Bascojin | Kiels Set Highly recommend to use Vote Forsaken King set or Forsaken King set. It can be also use knight set. Most cards are the same with the other classes except the weapon part. Frigg shield will be better to use than king shield or knight shield. For the weapon, use high priest highness or legendary staff. Cards: Armor: Tao | Ghostring Shield: Golden Thief Bug |Usakoring | Maya Garment: Raydric | Skoll Foot: Green ferus Weapon: Strip cards Skills Lex Aeterna : Best friend at all times. Decrease Agility: Mostly targets are sinx and pally Asperio: Changing the element to holy element Sanctuary: Emperium's best friend on defense Safety wall: 2nd Emperium's best friend Ruwach: Basted out sinx cloaking around the emp room Blessing, Agility, Impositio Magnus, Kyrie Eleison, Assumption : To support your team. WOE tips for support high priest You need to be cooperate and listen to what your guild leader's plan. Your goal is to support the emperium from breakers to break your emperium on Defense part. If ever your guild is going to break the castle, as a support priest job is to help your guild that your breakers are the one who will break the emperium. Use skills: Lex aeterna ,Decrease Agility and Asperio on the enemies' breakers. Raid tips As long as you have sinx card. Raid will be easier for you. You just need to cloak to prevent dying. Priest on raid act as a life saver to your party members. You must remember that you should be the last member to die on the quest. GVG tips Your best friend skill on this event is your Lex Aeterna. Use this skill to your enemies.
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    S/T > Champ Blessed Ring Set = ?? > Sniper Blessed Ring Set = ?? > +10 LTD Black/Orange Satan Mask = ? > Orig Black Zod = ? > Loki Cursed Blade (blue) = ? > +0 Black Noble Hat = ? S > Holloween Tokens [15:1] got 7.5k
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    Some cool abandoned places in the world that we like to visit someday Music 100% Legal and 100% Free to Download in all my videos. ENJOY.
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    Presents... NEW Legendary Balloon Quest Now all 11 of our exclusive must-have balloons are available via legendary quest! The effects are: All stats +10, +7% HP. Talk to Rinne in the Knight Hall to get started. NEW Legendary Mythical Flame Quest All 9 colors of our Mythical Flame aura are part of a new legendary quest! They add +20 all stats. Talk to Calcipher in the Knight Hall to get yours. NEW Valentines Valkyrie Headgears 4 new high-quality headgears have been added to the Tokenshop in time for Valentine's day! Surprise your loved one with a special gift, or if you're single, just give yourself a treat. The new headgears are: Kitty Hood [2] Samurai Kabuto [2] - animated! Flower Kanzashi [2]- animated! Cowgirl Hat [2]- animated! NEW Pet NPCs & Quest Complete Dr. Bones' quest and gain unlimited access to 3 new NPCs: a Pet Food Dealer NPC, a Pet Accessories NPC, and a Pet Taming NPC! Now you can have fun with any pet you want. Find Dr. Bones in the Knight Hall to start! Note: you must be a Forsaken Knight to do this quest. Helm of Darkness, Loli Hat, Magic Eyes, Tengu Mask, and Angel of Darkness headgears are now available in the tokenshop for $40/ea! Super Novices can't wear other classes' cursed/blessed rings anymore (as they were never intended to be able to) Warping from for_fild01 is now disabled Added 3 new PVP rooms: Izlude, Payon, and Prontera! PvP room listings will now display how many players are in each room You can now warp to pvp rooms*, but cannot warp from them. *Note: this excludes Forsaken PVP room (for_pvp). All PvP ladder wings have had 1 slot added Added Spring Forsaken City map by Justice Lost Forest of Oberon Raid now gives 100 fame points Charleston Facility Raid now gives 150 fame points Monster Hunter NPC now gives 200 fame points on completion of first 30 missions Added +3% HP to the Skull Aurora New Forsaken City map by Justice Quests/dialogue by Veracity Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie Thanks to our awesome community for all of their suggestions!
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