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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been busy coming up with new viable weapons for Gunslinger and thought: "Why not use all the available GS weapons?" and this is what I've come up with for the past few months of agonizing and thinking, I have come to share with you all "possible" ideas for Gunslingers in the future. Let me know what you guys think. Personally I don't see them as OP cause I did think of the possible things you guys might say later on and say that its OP or what xDD It has its downs/disadvantages to it which makes them "balanced" already. But because these weapons are very unique to the Gunslinger class, I'd say it has potential to be viable in team fights and it should be capable of standing on its own as a Gunslinger specialist. So without further ado, I introduce you to: Einmyria's Ashes(Grenade Launcher) Vit+30 Dex+25 Max HP+30% SP+100(to be tested) Reduces all skill's after cast delay by 10% Ground Drift does xxxx% damage Grenades do specific effect when stepped on depending on element (Max of 4-6 for each grenade for tactical placements and trapping/delay) Spheres(Ammo) (Ammo for grenade launcher is different and uses spheres and not bullets. Please take note) L.Fire/Blast Sphere (Damage) Attack: 100 1 Massive Explosion max of 3 can be laid at a time L.Water/Freeze Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Waterlogged Slow effect similar to Hidden Water L.Poison/Sticky Poison Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Poison and Slow when stepped on(Similar to slow grace) L.Blind/Sleep Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Blind(10%) Blind status lasts 7 seconds(similar to blind effect on star gladiator skill shadow) or Causes Sleep status(10%) for 2 seconds L.Earth/Stone Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Stone Curse(10%) when stepped on (Cannot bypass Fsold card) L.Lightning/Paralysis Sphere (Support) Attack: 100 Causes Paralyze(5%) for 4 seconds when stepped on Side Note: -Quest for L.Spheres similar to L. Bullets -Can go along with Guardian Ring or curse ring -Please test if it is still possible to bypass status ailments on high vit. If not then I'll add a second option. -Only has one main damaging grenade/sphere -Support grenades may or may not deal damage. depending on the GM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Baldr's Rage(Gattling Gun) HP+30% Vit+20 Dex+25 Luk+25 Agi+30 Critical rate+30(Crit Type)(Cannot crit on player) or HP+30% Vit+20 Dex+30 Agi+30(Thana Type)(Best Option) Allows use of level 10 Enlarge Weight Limit Increase damage on demihumans by xxx% Aspd-10 Unbreakable Enchant Deadly Poison buff is active when equipped, and removed when unequipped Walk speed -15% when equipped(Decrease Agi/Slow Grace speed) Side note: -The reason why EDP buff should be active on this is because normal damage has no damage multiplier. -This weapon can go 2 ways, either crit type or thana based attacks.(Please test if crit is viable on long ranged) -Can go along with Bless Ring -Gattling gun has no active skills in Gunslinger skill tree which makes normal attacks its only weapon Thanks for taking the time reading my suggestion. I've put in a lot of hardwork into thinking of the balances for these two weapons. Stats, Buffs and Effects weren't easy to think of. For more questions/understanding about this, just reply here. @Ares @Genesis
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