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Found 9 results

  1. So as you can see in the title we all do know Stalker cant do that much Damage like the other class or so whatever. In past we got this redux on demi-humans on stalker sb thats why its okay to leave stalker like that since it has redux but since it got nerf'd and never get boosted or buff anymore thats kinda sad for the players who used or loves to or main to play Stalker forced to quit since they dont do damage anymore + its soft af. stalker vit has very low add on HP so that's why you can have prolly 240-250k hp avg. People says its all good because it has "Backslide" skill and can copy skill. that's true let me repeat stalker doesn't do that much high damage avg damage of ds is like 8-13k DS and their fas is awful since they have no Improve concentration , Can get falcon eyes but level 5. and here's the current effect of Stalker Bless Ring [stalker of Divine]Int+ 20, Dex +20, Max HP +10%, Max SP +15%, Atk +15%, Walking speed +15%Reduce Vit def by 10%, Flee +15Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% So my suggestion [stalker of Divine]Agi +10(Optional) Dex +25-35, Max HP +15%, Max SP +10%, Atk +15%, Walking speed +15%Reduce Vit def by 10%, Reduce all skill's after cast-delay by 8%-10%"Null the effect if wear by Bjorn Blade (2nd option add Double Strafe damage by 15%-20%)Reduce damage taken from Demihumans by 5% It's really fun to play stalker again back in old days when it was redux type stalker but then so many people complain about that and then got nerf'd got forgotten. By the way, CLICK AND LISTEN TO THIS WHILE YOU ARE READING IT MAKES YOU CALM <3
  2. ~Sell or Trade~ SELLING Clown G Set (bow) [5k] Stalker G set [5k] TRADE Stalker G scarf set + 1.5 = Full Proff B scarf set ~Buy or Trade~ BUYING +0White Dragon Helm [???] +0 Magical Saiyan [???] Blush of love [ 1.2 ] TRADING +0 LTD SkyBlueHermode= +0 LTD WhiteDragonHelm p.s. I am not rushing, i will NOT reply to noob offers, above offers are all fair and market prices. Please pm me in game or leave a message here, IGN: .xoxox. or any character that is "Roy" THANKS!!
  3. LK Slayer Scarf(2k) Bjorn's Blade(1k) Message me here so we can deal in-game
  4. i want to buy Stalker O.sword for 600 toks only.. if u can help me plsss pm me or leave comments,,, TY:) ign:Cerviel, _RR_
  5. B> Stalker Bless set, Leave offer and in game name
  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Headgear: L.poopoo Hat(12%reduce from demi human) -Leaf Cat Card (why leaf cat? cuz many players are using BOS and other water element skills.) *Mythical Flame Aura(10% reducts on fire water win and earth. 15 all stats) or Skull Aura if youre rich enough ;) - Maya Purple *Sacred wing or Fluffy wings- 10% reduction on all damage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Armors: you'll be needing alteast 3 armors *don't forget to switch* armor1- TGK+GR- for champs and bio armor2-Evildruid+TGK- anti Sinx, Stone and freeze. armor3-Angeling+TGK- 25% more resist on water,fire,wind and earth armor4(optional)-GR+RSX- anti knock back and prevents breaking your armor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons: 2 L.stalk or SB will be needed. weap1- 2 tg 1 skel 1inca weap2- 1 SK, 1 LOD, 1Maero, 1 VR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Garments-3 Fking cloacks cloack1- 2Raydrics cloack2- 2skolls (for thana users oponnent) cloack3- 1 skoll, 1 raydric --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shield: 2 Friggs with usako and GTB on the other. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoes: Fking shoes -if you want damage, go with 2FBH -if you want HP go with 2 GEC or 2Green Ferus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accessories: 1Dexbelt and 1 Ring of Ressonance(blue ifrit ring) OR 2 Freyr's with 2 Alligator cards.(5% reduce from long range attacks) -why ifrit ring? so that while taking damage theres a chance to tarot your enemy and assumping yourself (50%less damage) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *take note: always copy "Raging Trifecta Blow" from champions and always use RESIST POTIONS :) i hope this guide helps ^^ feel free to correct me if im wrong ;) lol this is my first time to make a guide :o you can pm me in game if you have questions. Trash Stalker Devon
  7. Hi! I didn't see anyone who made some Guides for Stalker except Neil that who made a guide for Stalker Martyr guide, but I made this guide as a whole about Stalker and for the sake of the Newbies here who wants to learn Stalkers. So let's go in the introduction. What stalker really is? Stalkers are a bit Complex character, they can either use Bow, Daggers, and Swords also. Why is Stalker Class is different from the others? Stalkers really differs because of their skill Plagiarism(which can copy any skill that inflicted to them which gives a huge role) and it has hiding skills which can really be useful to evade attacks, removing traps, can even also put a grafitti on the floor by typing a word you like, and finally they can strip enemies by removing their current equipment, like in headgear, armor, weapon, and shield (these are the particular equips you can only strip though). Why did you choose to make Stalker? I made this job not because I like to fully strip my enemies or whatever, but because Stalkers are really unique class, they can get a skill they want and use it to counter and fight their enemies. Basically, The Stalker can be divided in 2 builds: One is Bow type build and one is Magic type build. The Bow Type equips are: For headgears: For upper: 2x Kiel card, if wearing knight helm, then if you can earn vote, you can go now in Vote Valkryie Helm, or if only 1 slotted, put 1x kiel if wearing ship captain hat, laugh poo2x hat, and etc... For middle: 1x Kiel card if wearing auras like: Legendary Zodiac Aura, LHZ AURA (which gives +20 to all stats) or Candy aura and Sun/Moon aura (which gives +15 to all stats)... For lower: Either 1x Maya Purple card or F.soldier card(if you can afford now) if wearing scarf(vote item) and if youre only up to full redux, you can go in legendary sacred wings (gives +8% reduction to all damage) or Fluffy wings (vote item which gives +10% reduction to all damage) For armor: Default armor: Ghostring Card(enchant armor with ghost property to lower asura, acid bombs, final strike, and other other neutral attacks) and Tao Gunka card(gives really high hp to you). Well I just don't really on single armor only, I have like 3 reserved vote armors for pvp but this is optional if you're really experienced in pvp, these are: a. Swordfish card(enchant armors with water property, just to lower lk and ws attacks that uses bos converter, and for snipers who uses l.water arrow, other water magic spells, and also Tao Gunka Card b. Bathory card(enchant armor with shadow property, same in a. that uses cursed water and also to snipers that uses shadow arrows). c. 2x Orc Lord card, when tough situation comes and also for trolling champs and sinx that badly damages you :) .. For Shield: It's better to have 3 shields or more, What I'm wearing are: a. Friggs King shield w/ Usakoring card (Default shield) b. Forsaken Knight shield w/ Golden Thief Bug card (nullifies magic attacks) c. Forsaken Knight Shield w/ Maya Card (for reflecting magic attacks) For garment: I have like 3 vote cloaks exactly, and still merely depends the enemy what you are fighting in pvp, these are: a. 2x Raydric card(same principle as in the ghostring card goes, lower any neutral attacks) b. 2x Skoll if the thana really hurts you because of your high defense :( .. c. 1x Skoll and 1x Raydric, if you both need these protection but only partially gives the attributes) d. 2x Deviling card(These are the tough times when an asura or other neutral attacks which has so much damage to you) but I wouldn't recommend to wear this when your enemy like Champs switch to tss mode and you wearing it then it will just double their attacks, and also hurts in Snipers using elemental arrows and Magic Classes like Priest, Professors, Soul Linkers, and Wizards which doubles their attack against you :( ... For boots: a. Default is the 2x FBH(+50% damage to demihumans, -50% max sp) in the boots b. or wear 1 GEC CARD(+10% max hp/sp and 1 DRAGOON WIZARD CARD(gives +5% max hp/sp and 10% kyrie eleison for higher hp) For accessories: a. 2x Dex Gaunt, just to raise up your dex and for your strip, or if earned a little, better go 2x DEX BELT.. :) b. The Ifrit rings, which can cast any random skill in your enemy when attacking or when you're being attacked. (These rings I only use when I want to coma my enemy or for trolling.) For weapon: Use L.Stalker Bow just when you starting using a weapon, or If you have enough tokens now, better upgrade in Stalker Soaring Bow.. and I have these 2 Stalker bows when doing pvp, and these are: a. 2x TG, 1 inca, and 1x Skeleton Worker card, for battle mode(like you are having FAS, DS, or other physical attack skills) b. 1x Stormy knight, 1x Valkyrie Randgis, 1x Maero of Thanatos, and 1x Lord of Death Card (the complete set of troll in card) this is just for desperate measure if you badly want to troll or kill your enemies XD. For stats: Note: you only base on current equip what you are wearing so you can manage the stats on how much you will put. Str: You just need to put it like 100+, put this when you finished the other stats Agi: Better if wearing vote valkyrie set, can save up your agi which gives +10 ASPD, just put some of it until your aspd becomes 195. Vit: I usually put it like 150 and better if below, but beware for those users of Thana because it contributes much in your defense, so I wouldn't recommend if you have so much vit.. Int: No need for a Bow type Stalker.. Just for Magic type skill related. Dex: I would say I must put this in 300 max, because the Full strip depends on how high your dex are. and can also have more damage in your bow skill related attacks.. Luk: I dont need to put some stats on this.. The Magic type build are: For headgears: I will just based also on the Bow type cards and equips, only differs is in their stats. Upper: Same card and helm What stated in the Bow type build, if you wear piamette ears(vote item), much better because it gives +20 to all stats, +20 int and a skill of lvl 10 thunderstorm.. (But it will freeze you if you dont have other lower headgear like scarf which gives anti freeze to you) Middle: Same aura as stated in Bow type build. Lower: Same also what stated in Bow type build. For armor: Just the same what stated in Bow type build. For shield: Just the same what stated in Bow type build. For cloak: Just the same what stated in Bow type build. For boots: Just the same what stated in Bow type build. For accessories: 2x Int gaunts, and if you have enough tokens, better go in 2x Int Belts... For weapon: Use L.Stalker sword for starting and if you have enough tokens, better upgrade to Stalker Oriental Sword. For stats: STR: Applicable to put it like in 100+ AGI: Just put it until it makes your aspd 195 VIT: 150 below will be better, and don't put too much vit for it. INT: I would say that you can't maximize your int until 300 because you also need to put it in the other stats. just put it like 260+ that can be divisible by 10. DEX: Just put it until until it makes your dex 150 including the additional points. LUK: Not applicable to put this thing. Some little tips will help you in PVP/WOE. a. If you copied any skill, I better buffs in Rogue Spirit given by the Soul Linker because even a dispell won't cancel your current copied skill you have and also really helps to walk faster using the Stealth skill. b. It's tactical also to use hiding skills just like also you are evading an attacks or suprise them, for example if you are using Stealth skill, you can release it and full strip them, or using hide skill then use sightless mind to release out where the enemy is hiding. c. If you are tanking high or multiple damage, better go in the full redux mode like using laugh poo poo hat, fluffy wings or sacred wings, and Friggs shield (will be better).. but beware if they are using freeze attacks. And thanks for reading my guide even though I still need to edit a little because I know there will still have corrections to put into this.. Any corrections, feedbacks, questions, other suggestions and violent reactions will be greatly appreciated here :) .... Credits to: Me and my friends who helped me to inspire working on this. :)
  8. Johan

    S> Stalker Sb

    I Selling Stalker SB, Valkyrie Weapon, Like a 750 O Offer me :D Pm at --> Walkind Dead
  9. Like

    Full Divest Nerf

    Any one know that stalker is overpowered. They have high redux and have such skill as Full Divestment which is a pain in the ass. My suggestion is that the chance to be stripped must be reduced to about 20%, and its duration should be reduced to 1 minute or so. it will make them mortal, not immortal as it is now
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