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Found 2 results

  1. This idea belongs to Tatels As the title says, we would like to bump the Emperium Testing Room suggestion Before explaining it, here are the links to the suggestions before: http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30610-breaker-tester/ http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/21656-practicing-breaking/ http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/30297-emperium-breaking-test-room/?hl=break http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/27000-can-i-have-a-suggestions-can-we-have-a-room-that-can-practice-breaking-emp/page-4?hl=breakin "Why would you need an Emperium Testing Room? You can just test on skeggiolds" This is not merely just a testing room wherein you test your damage, it will record your time on how fast you can break So if your time is lower than those whom tested it before you, then you'll have an idea to do something about your build The NPC will be called "Emperium Testing Room" with any of these NPC sprites #1 #2 #3 #4 (My favorite would be number 4) The NPC will have these options Testing Room Check the breaking record Back After choosing the "Check the breaking record" option, there will be a list of the top 30 fastest breaker with their corresponding time for breaking the emperium After choosing the option "Testing Room" there will be 5 rooms if someone is already occupying the room, it will say [occupied], but you can choose those that are [vacant] After choosing a vacant room, you will be warped to that testing room wherein there will be an NPC (Emperium Summoner) Emperium Summoner The Emperium Summoner has three options Summon Emperium Stop Time Leave If you choose the "Summon Emperium" option then the Emperium will be summoned on the center of the map Once the Emperium has been summoned, the timer will start You can talk to the NPC again either to stop time or leave And that's it! What we lack is the testing room itself, if any of you would like to suggest a small square/circle room that will be perfect as a testing room, feel free to suggest so We will credit you for it :th_ok: And I have read about the threads that has the same idea as this one, but I am bumping it up again and putting a more detailed example. As some said, why would we need an emp testing room? It would only lessen up the thrill of WoE and would rarely be used. (Who says you can only use SinX for breaking anyways? I broke the emp once using my Gypsy) If that is so, then we can turn this into just a Testing Room wherein there will be summoned monsters with reducs, with high vit def, low vit def, different properties and such. (If you are afraid for your build to spread, then you can disagree on this part but there are also good things with these testing rooms, you can now test if the weapon effects that you have or the gears you are wearing needs to have a boost or needs to be changed in a certain way.) Plus, no need to argue because Genesis said that he will be working on it I only gave the details needed for it and made the new people aware of the possible changes This won't benefit me in any way, even if they deliberated it again and thought that they don't want it to get implemented that is fine with me if it still does get implemented that is fine with me also whichever will make the server happy is fine with me
  2. Is there a link that can tell me every item in the Forsaken Quest Room including the stats? The npc's dont tell the stats the items give so it would be a great help. :D
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