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Found 8 results

  1. As we can see if we didn't do something on this ninja and Stargladiator , they gonna keep abusing it more mostly in (Woe,Pvp room) which is unfair to other class. this 2 jobs taking time to get nerf'd while the other nerf'd as soon they been reported OP. while Star glad can 1 hit a gm. and ninja fs spammable and can also 1 hit everyone w/ lutie. stop the abuse please its unfair to those who are pvping ungeared or newcomers who doesnt know anything.
  2. Since we have 3rd Job Sprites, is it too much to ask for the sprites of these 3? Gunslingers would get Rebel/Rebellion Sprite And Ninjas would get: For Male ninjas Kagerou and Females would get Oboro I hope to see them in-game. Additional notes: Like the 3rd job sprite download, I think its should be a separate file if you only want to see these classes and not affect the other jobs. Thanks for reading!
  3. S/T>Sniper BLESS Ring Set = Ninja BLESS Ring Set ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pm me in game or leave a message here Thank UUU ign: Roy.
  4. Currently looking forward to sell: Black Angel of Ghost Mask = 1600 Red Sacred Wing = 900 Azure Royal Angel Wing = 900 Master Forsaken Soldier = 110 ea Been trying to acquire Blessed Ninja Ring of Divine Tyr's Shuriken Drop me a message here Ingame ƒins ƒ=alt + 0131 Skype dustingalvez
  5. Is there any update regarding on Legendary Ammunition for Ninja Class?. :th_e2:
  6. Dus

    B> Ninja Bless Set

    Hello very interested in acquiring Ninja Blessed Ring of Divine Tyr's Shuriken Drop me a message on here ingame: ƒins ( ƒ = alt +0131 ) This character is always on skype: dustingalvez
  7. please add this quest for ninja its unfair for gun slinger and sniper i hope you can create this quest for Ninja thanks more power
  8. guys, i used 2 Tyr's Shuriken on my ninja. i eventually used both, incan and thana on different weap. The other's card should i put in still i dont know. am i need phreeoni card together? what HIT should i get for ninja? i wonder..im a STR type nin. Help me.. If you guy's can lend a shoulder, help me with the build stats or card should i get. Need Your Help. Thanks. :rambo: :rambo: :king_right: :evil3:
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