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  1. @At the wedding I didn't noticed my friend collapsed on the floor because of staring at the great cleavage next to me.
  2. Yeah boost it to 200%, class is dead for pvp rn
  3. Gepard should be removed, this has become a farm server and pvp isn't fun anymore.
  4. Kids gotta ask for nerf everytime they cant handle teamwork, MAN UP.
  5. Guess we will have to know the requirements once BG shows up. Thanks for your kind answer.
  6. I was expecting details in your reply, thanks for the fourth point that did answer one of my questions.
  7. what are the stats of the new weapon?, the requirements for the new stats in rank tier, the requirements for exchanging the books via BG and the drop ratio of these in MVP LootBoxes?
  8. Halion

    Website PVP UPDATE

    +1 super awesome idea.
  9. Halion

    Website PVP UPDATE

    +1, mai already feeds enough in pvp ladder every week so i dont see no harm for this n_n
  10. Royal Mafia Transcension Influence Treadstone Loli Kingdom Rest in Peace Exctincion Destiny Limitless Honourable Mentions Latin fresh < Exclusive for GvG
  11. Any updated description on the guardian rings? or ws weapons so we know whats buffed and whats nerfed pls?
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