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  1. Selling: 1. Full SinX Cursed Ring Set [Cursed Ring, Ohels, 2pcs Lokis(R)] 2. Memory of Thanatos Card Or Trade ALL to Full Bio Blessed Set with Bio Runes. I'll add toks. Message me here or see me in-game ~ Nicholas Flamel
  2. The moment we've been waiting for. BG!!! I hope teaming will be random though so that there is an equal chance for geared and non-geared, friends and not-friends, guildmates and non-guildmates to be teamed up.
  3. Oh I give-up on you. Your replies are founded on hate now. You cant seem to accept criticisms well. You are the only one savoring on that Pneuma mistake. Sticks and stones bro. Again, explaining strategies is exhausting, specially on people like you. Have fun in this server though even though we cant seem to meet your expectations. I'm sorry if i'm noob in ur standards though. See you in field/pvp/woe! Don't cry, complain of cheating, or rage quit when you die okay? Cause we will expect another suggestion such as this again in the forum when that happens. ~Regards indeed
  4. You we're the one who gave the scenario, I tried to think of a way to handle that because you were so strong that it may happen and you even reiterated it as the reason behind the suggestion. It applies whether defending or attacking. And, about FCP, yeah well, I misread Brian's reply as yours. Anyway, what he said is freaking true. I accepted my fault on the Pneuma. What i meant was skid trap. And if you keep on insulting me and other people's ideas, prove to me that you're better and meet me in field.
  5. Rebuttal doesn't nullify the previous post's points. What @Specter did was he just emphasized it even more in the hopes that you will see how things may work. However, this kind of topic needs more practical discussion in-game. Theoretical knowledge, though helpful, can be very different when you apply it in the game itself. Especially in this server with many customized items. What may be effective to others doesn't make it effective here. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be applied. That's why there's a suggestion forum for this. However, when people, especially veterans(i'm not saying i am one) who've already stayed in this server for years and have lots of experience here, points things out for you which they think aren't apllicable to the current standing of this server, you don't get angry to them and place yourself as more highly intelligent than them. They replied cause they heard your plea. Anyway, as I said, this suggestion requires discussion and practice in-game that's why I invited you to approach me there.
  6. If I am a Priest and I'm with my Wiz friend. And, if there are no other members from my guild (devo perhaps or whatsoever). And, if we came upon a champ and then later on followed by a Bio and nothing else. A 2 vs 2 situation. And, as you have said, FCP is easily accessible, we are all on FCP. So, knowing that Asura, especially full damage one's (let's not discuss why there's a full damaged asura and there are others), deals more damage to us, we decide to cast Safety Wall. Damn what do we do with the Bio(an AD build bio for that matter)! Well, we may of course switch to our dual Deviling cloak and put on GTB shield and spam seeds. Now, how do we win this, we can't just of course always defend ourselves. We have to fight cause we value our seeds and we have other things to do than just defend. So, me, as a battle priest, given that i can also tank asura, may get out of my SW safe haven, change to a better gear and armor combination and lex+asura/sb the hell out of those two. Because, given that I am with a Wizard, those two are forced to wear GTB shields. So i'll have higher damage with my Asura or my SB. My wiz friend, given that he is long ranged, may stay inside the SW haven and may get the enemy think that he is still spamming Napalm on them but is slowly switching to his Stave Crash equips to at least deal "some" damage. We will, of course, have to modify our strategy often since the enemy team will think of a way to counter this and to discuss such other strategies would be long and exhausting. This of course requires experience and I believe experience is what separates the noobs and the pro.
  7. Anyway, meet me in game so that i'll show you. You don't seem to get my point. I'm usually at field or at city. 'Los Nachos Burrito'
  8. 1. Bro, try these with a correct stats on a G set sniper on a x2: A. Claymore>arrow shower on the claymore>falcon eyes to cancel sprite delay>claymore>arrow shower>falcon eyes>claymore>arrow shower etc2 B. ..... C. Profit This is especially useful to set-up on narrow spaces or entrances and when the enemy team forgets to watch-out for traps. This method used to be popular among Snipers. But maybe due to update on FAS spammability, this type became less popular. Anyway, imagine if a sniper is able to stack Claymore without the need to arrow shower, he could just do this to a clustered enemy: Stack Claymore>Arrow Shower to the direction of clusteted enemy>Profit That'd be OP 2. LOL i was wrong on this one sorry xD. Maybe just give the ability of Charge Attack to Snipers just like on GS. But i think there's a debate going on about this within the forum topics. And btw, I'm not misleading you about FAS snipers wiping guilds or most of them after ecall. I believe you're a Sniper. Try doing this, get a Devo, roam around for ecallers post ecall, spam FAS on them, u'll see Godlike status on u if that guild isn't fast enough to spread out. Or maybe you've been to WoE, notice how Snipers takes advantage of their skills. 3. Trolls won't care about getting an emp. One could just go Tank build and troll all the way. Anyway, these limitations are put there because without them, snipers will become more OP. Look at these sniper advantages: 1. Super Long range (that's why a good sniper stays away from everyone else and if one gets close enough, use arrow repel) 2. Not afraid of dispel damage-wise (other characters looses HUGE amount of damage after getting dispeled thats why they are forced to use GTB) 3. OP spam (specially with MS) and AOE damage(straight line) 4. Etc (i could type more but i'd be giving away more info and i'm getting tired lol)
  9. 1. You should see how a Sniper G user wiped out a whole party(Pally and all) with just the use of Claymore, Arrow Shower, and correct timing. 2. In PVP, a sniper can just use arrow shower/arrow repel to push back from Pneuma(if opponent is not wearing RSX). In WOE, FAS snipers wipe out guilds after ecall, imagine if you give them additional defensive ability. And, WoE is a team effort. Ecalling in emp room are only done by good champs, not all can do it. 3. It'd be annoying, say for a Pally, to be followed around by a dedicated or troller Sniper in WOE if that Sniper is able to put traps underneath a player. 1 hour will pass and that pally wont even reach the emp.
  10. Think about this: I myself is an active ranker. I always try to maintain my status within top 5 (which is currently at 550 points). So, when new TKs or past rankers goes back to ranking, there's a chance that I'll get pulled down to top 10 or below. So, i'll have to rank again to reach within top 5 status (which may now be at 600 or so). This will go on and on and on until ranking points becomes so high(1,000+ or so) that newbies will, instead of current 1 month, take so much longer time to rank. This will also be harder to what you say as just push down current inactive rankers because that high a point just takes too much effort for others. P.S. I am not a newbie who's babbling about how hard it is to rank because i'm a current top ranker myself. I have just come to realize how hard and how much harder it'll be for the future TKs. P.P.S. Other servers I played do a periodical percentage decrease in points of ALL TKs, not just the rankers. Being a TK ranker is a continuous effort. One cannot be king forever.
  11. Hi, have you seen the TK Ranking points lately? It's over 999999999999!!!!! Just kidding, the lowest is now at 530+ or something. You know how hard it is to get 1 point? Here it is: 1. Spam Taekwon Mission to get the desired mob (may take up to 5+ minutes of failed spamming and broken keyboard) cause you don't want to hunt for ghostring right? 2. Kill 100 of that mob. (Must be the correct mob, not the custom/event one) 3. Earn 1 point. 529 more to go! In one hour of intense ranking, one may earn around 5 to 10 precious points. So, considering a 4 hour playing time per day, it'll take more than a month for a newbie ranker to achieve that top 10 status. And that 530+ will keep on increasing and increasing as the time goes by. Imagine the horror! Anyway, so my suggestion is to put a monthly or weekly decrease of all TK mission points by a certain percentage (5% or etc). So to regulate the inflation of TK ranker points and get the inactive ones out of the top 10. Another suggestion is to decrease the current point of ALL TKs by 200 points or so to start anew. (Optional) Cause nobody's got time for 30 days in a fast paced server. (Ranker benefits : x3 HP & Unli-kick Combo) P.S. I'm actually in the current top 10 TK rankers. I'm writing this for the benefit of the new ones. ~ 'Los Nachos Burrito'
  12. Hi everyone, I would just like to clarify if there's a bug on Amadarias Card or for Bijou Card(i don't have this lol). For NON-THIEF players, Amad should give 2% increase in attack. However, this is not the case on the character's Status window upon equipping/not-equipping said card. Figure A. Atk when no AMAD card equipped Figure B. Atk when AMAD is equipped As you can see between the 2 figures, there's no difference between the Atk points when equipping and not equipping the AMAD card. I don't know if this issue has been raised/solved before, forgive me if it has been :) Thank you for the clarification.
  13. Out of all the candies, Luck seemed to be the heaviest(wayyy heavier) although they all are at 20 Weight per their item description. Hmmmm..
  14. Uhm per TK Ring of the Divine. All the enhancements are only at 200% each :( Which is truer, the one above or the actual description in-game? I hope they change it to the one above though.
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